Dorm Room 1011

Well, Its that time of year. The time where we pack up all of my daughters clothes and school things and take her back to school. She is only 30 minutes away so its not all so bad but I still get that upset, lost and lonely feeling on the way back home from moving her in.

This is her last year of college so we didn't want to spend alot of money on new dorm room items and decided to just reuse what we had. She lives in an on campus apartment shared with 3 other girls. They all have there own room and share the common areas. We have to make do with fitting everything in a 9x12 room.

She likes to go with a color theme. The first two years of college, she used alot of pink.
For the 3rd year, she decided to go with more mixed citrus colors such as green, orange, pink and yellow.

Here is a look at last years room....

Its really bright. I liked this one the best and check out the peacock she drew to hang next to her bed.

and here is a look at this years room.

Since joining a Kappa Delta Sorority, she has grown fond of the color green. So we took out the fruity colors of last year and just stuck with mostly green. I love the pink and green monogram artwork she painted for this room.

She simply hung it with a ribbon.

She also got a little creative with her plastic drawer tower by using some scrapbook paper to cover the inside of the clear drawer fronts.

It added a great look to match her room while hiding the contents.

Here is what the common areas of the apartment look like until they decorate it a little.

Living room
 Dining room
A look down the hall that leads to a bath room, shower and 4 dorm rooms

I just wouldn't feel right moving her in without making some delicious brownies to share with the other three girls that will be living in the apartment.

We wish her the best this year and can't hardly wait til she graduates!
wait.....Did I just say that?


  1. Lisa! That is cute! She did a great job painting her monogram! Green is my favorite color! Hope she has a great year!

  2. Did I use enough exclamation points in that last comment!!?!!

  3. ADORABLE!!! Room looks great! Have a fantastic senior year, Ashley!

  4. Hi Lisa, the room looks wonderful, cheery and colorful. It's funny because I just did a post on my son's college room and honestly he didn't care about any colors, decorating etc.. I basically picked his bedding out. And we did a cool headboard if you want to check it out. Guy and girls are SO different. LOL. Anyway, here's my link Blessings, Leslie (aka Gwen Moss)

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