Crochet Roses

Everybody loves roses. You can make your own with paper, scraps and ribbon, but I just made some with yarn.

As every one knows by now that I've gained a liking to crocheting. Ive been doing it since last November. Its relaxing sitting down to a good Life Time movie with a ball of yarn.

I mostly make little things because I do not have the patience to make something that will take me a while. So, most of the things I make will fit in the palm of my hand.

I'm going to attempt to type out the instructions below.

Here is how I did it.

Rose Calyx:
1. chain 5
2. sl st in 1st ch to create a circle
3. 5 sc in center of the circle
4. slip st in the first ch to connect
5. chain 3
6. sc in next chain from hook
7. sc one more in next chain
8. sl st in beginning of that chain
9. sl st in next sc
Repeat 5 thru 9 four more times (makes 5 points)
tie off.

1. chain 26
2.  sc in 2nd ch from hook
3.  sc remaining chain to end
4.  chain 3 turn
5.  skip two ch, dc in 3rd
6.  chain 3, skip two ch, dc in 3rd (repeat to end)
7.  chain 3 turn
8.  dc in chain loop 3 times
9.  chain 3, sl st in chain loop (=4 dc)
10.  sl st into next chain loop
11.  ch 3 , dc in next loop 3 times (repeat 8-10 to end and tie off)
12.  begin rolling into a rose while stitching the together to hold.

OK now that's done, I hope you understood.
Next, I bought some pipe cleaners from the dollar store and since I could not find green ones, I actually mixed some paint to make the green I needed and painted the pipe cleaners.
It took them over night to dry and I actually like the rough texture it gave them. They felt like a real rose stem with out the thorns.
Next I put the end of the pipe cleaner into the center of the calyx and knotted it to hold it secure and then I sewed the roses onto that.

Now I have this cute little bouquet of roses. I didn't make a whole dozen because six is about all the patience I had. I even made a couple little buds that are not yet fully bloomed.

Im going to put the hook down for the weekend and start on some new recipes I found on Pinterst that I cant wait to make and share with you next week!

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  1. the most beautiful crochet flowers i've seen.they don't look artificial.

  2. they look more natural.i really love them. wanna make a bunch.thank you very much.

  3. Thank you! I Would love to see yours if make some!