House Updo & DIY Summer Wreath

We moved into the home we are in now about eight years ago. It was a forclosed home in a neighborhood we liked and was familar with. If any of you have ever bought a forclosed home, you know what a project it can be. We spent many hours redoing the inside. We practacly had to redo it all from the wiring to the hardwood floors. We got it looking really nice even though to this day, there are a lot of unfinished work to be done. We just absolutly got worn out by it and decided we'd finish the little things as time goes by. We just didnt say how much time.

We decided to do some work to the outside and paint the doors and the carport. Just kinda give the house an updo, a change.

We had to fight the rain for three weeks. Yes, it rained in our town for three weeks. We jumped outside to paint at any little show of sunshine. Sometimes it was only for an hour or so.

My husband did 98% of the work. He sanded, painted, filled holes, rewired new doorbells and lights and even new handles on the old storm doors. He also added his special artistic talent to the front door way.  I got to paint some of the trim and a door. Im pretty excited about how it turned out. We still have to get used the front door. It didnt turn out the color we really expected, but I think I like it. Its growing on me.

What do you think?
Here are some before and after photos
After all the work was done, I decided I wanted a new wreath for my front door so I took off to the nearest Hobby Lobby. This Wreath caught my eye. I like daisies and I wanted something with some white and yellow....
But the only problem was , It cost $79.00. For some of you, that's not a lot, but for me, I was shocked! So I looked around and found all the things to make my own just like it....
Well, Almost just like it. Close enough..And it only costed me $30.00 and 15 minutes.

Next: Maybe I can put some of my craftiness to work and make some much needed window treatments. or maybe up date the kitchen? Ok, I'm pushing it now.

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