I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

For the first time in my working life, I got the day before and the day after Christmas off. Since Christmas day fell on a Saturday, I got Monday off. It has been great having a long weekend. My husband had to work or we would had probably taken a beach trip.

Christmas was great. I got most my shopping done early and was able to enjoy a couple days baking with my daughter. She came home to stay with us all weekend. I love it when shes at home because the mommas gets a break from worrying about her out on her own in a big town. I sleep well when shes in her bedroom next to mine. We made my favorite pecan cookies and shared them with neighbors. We also made some Gingerbread cookies to share. For us, I made a batch of sausage balls to enjoy Christmas morning. 

We went to my mom and dads Christmas eve and enjoyed time with family. I ate a lot of sweets.
Christmas day, we did dinner at my brother in laws. I made a couple dishes to take. There are little ones at this family dinner. Ages range from 2 to 11. When it was time to open presents, they all sat by the tree with excitement. They could hardly wait to start ripping paper.

There is also a little dog in the family. She belongs to my brother in law and lives at the beach. We always get her a small toy to play with. She likes anything thats only 2 to 3 inches small for her little mouth. I forgot to get her a gift this years, so I sat down Christmas day and whipped up a little ball for her.

 She liked it and we were constantly throwing it out to fetch all afternoon. 

One of my favorite Christmas presents was desk a calendar from my daughter. I had been wanting one for my work desk. I love it .

I also got a cute sweater, ear pods and a microderm roller for my face. Nick got a few things he needed and Santa brought my daughter just about everything on her list. 

Christmas was wonderful as always but the decorations have already been taken down and put in the attic until next year. I am ready for the New Year and can’t hardly wait for Spring. 


Under The Weather

In case your your wondering, I’m still here. I just haven’t felt like blogging in a while. 
This is the first time in a week that I have been able to keep my eyes open after 8pm. I have had an awful crud.

It started as a runny nose and sore throat. I figured it was allergies since I suffer from those all year round. So I took my Allegra D to clear it up.
The next day it was not cleared up and in fact, I felt worst. I figured then that I have caught at cold. The first cold I have had in four years.

As the week went on, each day I kept feeling worst. I could have sworn I had the Covid virus, but I never had a fever or lost my senses. I continued going to work, wearing my mask and keeping my distance from others just in case. 

After four days of not getting any better, I finally called into work late and took a home covid test. It came back negative so I called the doctor and made an appointment to see him. I needed some relief. I was miserable. I had all the symptoms of the flu. 

The doctor diagnosed me with a sinus infection, gave me a steroid shot to make me feel instant relief and then wrote me a prescription for an antibiotic.

It’s been three days since my diagnosis and being on the meds. I feel better but still have a cough as it has all settled in my chest. I have not missed a days work but it’s been a rough road. I feel like I could have broke a rib coughing so much. Yep I’m sore but I am glad that I’m finally feeling better and can get back to normal. I have cookies to make next weekend and want to make sure I’m free of any sicknesses. 

For the record: My husband is fine and has not caught anything. 

Did you know?
You are not contagious unless your running a fever.
You can not catch a cold by going outside in the cold. 
A cold is a virus and you pick it up by germs or particles in the air. 
Clear mucus is a sign of allergies.
Yellow or green mucus is a sign of a cold or infection. 
Got a tickle in your throat that keeps you coughing? Just eat a spoon of peanut butter or honey.

On a good note: I have most of my Christmas shopping done. 
Are you ready for Christmas?