Nutritsystem-One Year Later

Well Its been a little over a year now since I started Nutrisystem.

You can read about my whole journey here.
I reached my goal within about 5 months of being on the program. I have lost a total of 50 lbs. I do not do any excessive exercise. I just try to get at least 9k steps in each day and sometimes will resort to my hula hoop (unless dancing in the car counts).

Im still on the program and have my foods shipped to me each month. I love that advantage. I go online before the ship date, and choose all the meals I want from the menu. Its like I have my own little chef.  I do the "weekends on my own" plan. That's where they only send me enough food to eat five days a week and gives me two days off. I would like to eventually stop Nutrisystem all together but I do not trust myself right now to eat right on my own. Besides Nutrisystem is actually cheaper in the long run. A lot of foods bought at the grocery store go bad before I can get it all eat. And the healthy foods seem to be so expensive. However, I do still have to buy some veggies to eat daily as those are not included in the shipment.

My husband does not mind that I have my own food plan. We spend hardly any money for his foods at the grocery store. He eats lots of salads, nuts and other healthy choices while also cooking up nutritious suppers for himself. Sometimes I will swap out my Nutrisystem dinner if he cooks something that's fits along with my diet.

I see where people have lost over 100 lbs. on Nutrisystem. I admire those people for their dedication and hard work. The more weight you need to loose, the easier it is to loose. I needed to loose only 30 lbs., I did it in seven months. Someone who needs to loose more can do it in two to four months. Its weird. Now that im at 118 lbs., I can't seem to loose any more. My weight is staying between 118 and 120. That's ok with me.  This Summer I can get back to more outside exercise and get out of hibernation.

I will probably stay on Nutrisystem until I actually can't stand it anymore or can no longer afford it, but right now I still like all the foods and convenience. My yearly physical was great. All my tubes and pipes are working like they should and I feel good all the time. I look forward to a full summer with a slimmer body. My plan now is to firm and tone up.

That Spot

I grew up in a little Baptist church on the West side of town. It was old and parts of it were dilapidated. However, new parts were added years before my time. I grew up in this church from the day I was born. I even took my own daughter to this church from the very first Sunday after she was born. My parents made sure we went every Sunday morning, Sunday night and Wednesdays. It's where I attended many youth lock-ins, choir practices, Sunday school, Mission Friends and Acteens. Where I giggled with my friends during service and played under the pews when I was bored (later resulting in spankings when I got home).

A few years back (ok it was like 20 years ago but don't do the math). the building was sold and the church moved to a new built location where I still attend service every week with my parents by my side.

The old church building is now a furniture store. Its still looks the same from the road. I have been shopping for a new recliner and the furniture store that took over is one that we have bought furniture from in the past. As we walk in the doors, I could smell right past the leather and suede of the new fabrics to that certain smell in the air of my old church. The dense smell brought back a lot of memories.

We walked around and went to an area of furniture that was in what used to be the fellowship hall. I could vision in my mind my mom and other ladies in the church standing in there preparing for many covered dish dinners or baby and wedding showers. We left that area, not sure I even took notice any of the new furniture. We walked down the hallway to what used to be the sanctuary. As I stood in the back of the store, or was it the front of the store? I look down toward where the alter once stood.

It was that spot...Right there.

That spot where I publicly accepted Jesus as my savior  and looking up to where I was then baptized.
Where my family and I sang with the choir. yes I actually used to sing in the "youth" choir.
That spot where I performed many Christmas and Easter plays.
Where we had a baby dedication for my daughter.
That spot where my daughter performed in dances and musicals.
That spot where the Lord Supper (communion) was served. I remember how all the kids would sneak up there after service and finish off all the juice from those tiny teaspoon size cups. 
That spot where my Daddy gave me away and me and Nick got married.

and it was THIS spot that ........

I bought my first recliner!!! Yes, after searching many locations for the right one...There it was,

Oh yea, its pretty nice with a seat  heater and massager. Just what I need when my muscle spasm start up in my back. I ordered it in a different color. Besides, I didn't want the one off the floor that everyone else has already tried out. It should be here is a couple weeks.

This was another goal accomplished in 2016.