Tennis Elbow Crochet Ice Pack.

Its been seven months now. Im suffering. Tennis elbow hurts! Im not sure what caused it but I have a few ideas. Its either my job as where I use my right arm to answer the phone and use the adding machine all day, eight hours a day, five days a week...or....Crocheting an hour almost each night. Im afraid its the crocheting. I gave it a break a few days and my elbow pain seemed to subside just a little. It went from an 8 in pain to about a 4.

Feeling better, I decided to crochet a hat last night and here I am suffering again. The pain is so bad that I cant lift my arm sometimes. Even though I can lift a heavy object with hardly any pain at all, I can't do a simple task of picking up the coffee pot, pour the laundry soap or even at times, texting. Sometimes the pain is so bad it keeps me up at night. I cant even lift it to without picking it up and lifting with my other arm. My arm throbs. Ibuprofen has become a drug habit.

I read where ice will help with tennis elbow. I had homemade ice packs in the freezer but hated having to sit still while holding or balancing it on my arm. That's when I decided to create some sort of ice pack that would fit around my arm, triggering the source of pain than radiates down my arm. And of course, crocheting was my answer at the moment. I needed something quick so I grabbed a ball of cotton yarn and began to crochet in agony.

My little ice pack will fit right down into it and then I can securely wrap it around my arm and fasten with a button. Its not pretty and Its a little too big for the cause but its working.

What do you think? Does anyone have any more suggestions? I open for any opinions or help. Has anyone ever had tennis elbow? How long did it last and how did you deal with it?

A little Vintage Decor

Ive been away from blogging like Id like too. It wont be long until I get back into the swing of things. I have had a lot going on and a few projects to complete.

It started in October when my daughter decided to move out on her own. Its put me in empty nest mode. Its different now at the house with her not here for me to tuck in at night and sharing our talks in the mornings. But I seem to be doing fine now. In fact, my husband and I have decided to redo her old bedroom and make it into a guest bedroom her a new bedroom. Im doing it in some of my imaginative ideas and colors of coral and tan. We actually sold her really cute french provincial bedroom suit and put our antique bedroom suit in its place. We will be getting a new one...Finally.

While all of the moving around the rooms is still under construction, I decided to do some decorating here and there to see what style I want to go with. I like the shabby chic look but not to frenchy. I like the modern look too but the furniture is old. So, I decided to mix it up and pull these looks into one.

One decoration I added is this vintage camera my father-in-law gave me. Ive had it put away and wanted to display it and found the perfect place. I love it. I also found a blue mason jar. I have been looking for a few of these. They are so pretty used as vases.

I called up my sister-in-law and asked if I could have some pom poms off her hydrangea bushes. I wasnt sure how dead they would be but after the ok, I drove over to cut some. I was was afraid they were too gone to use but took my chances.

Yes, they were really dried up. However, I think they added a special look to this little d├ęcor. To my husband, they are just dead flowers.
When the plants bloom in the spring or whenever they bloom. I will change them out with some colored ones.

So far thats all Ive got besides vintage suit cases I plan to use as a bed side table.

Words from my daughter- " That's enough old stuff. Any more, and it will look like a grandmaw room".
I think not. I think of it as shabby chic, modern vintage and I like it. As for the master bedroom, It will be different. But as long as I have an empty little girls room, I'm dolling it up.

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