Slack Blogger

Yes I've been a slack blogger. I have so much to talk about but do not know how to put it into words. Someone once told me, to gain followers and comments, I need to blog about controversial things. Well, that's one thing I don't like to get wrapped up in. I may at sometime spill out my angers and thoughts of what I think about this world, but I'm sure your just as tire of it as me so I'd rather find fun, happy and inspiring things to blog about.

Another problem I have, is that I cant seem to find time to relax and type. Im at work 9 hours a day and I try to enjoy every moment I can with my husband and daughter and hate to be in the same room with them, typing and ignoring them. I do enough of that with my cell phone.

Most bloggers keep a calendar of things to post. I'm not that person either. I blog about what ever comes to my mind to share that day. I guess you can just call me a spontaneous blogger. I do something and think, "wow I'm gonna share this idea with the world".

Right now, I'm working on a little project I cant wait to share with you soon. Until then, thank you for your patience.

4th of July and Banana Pudding

 Ha! I gotcha at "pudding" didn't I? Keep reading and Ill get to that.

Hope everyone had happy Independence Day. Its always a great reason to celebrate weather you stayed in or went on a trip. A lot of people enjoyed time with family and friends. It was nice to have a long weekend off of work too!

I didn't do anything with my family, heck they didn't even call, but I still had a great time with my Husband. My daughter went out of town with her friends so it was just us two. We spent part of the day being lazy enjoying being together alone. We eventually made it up town where there was an all day celebration with street vendors, rides and bands.

Then had a nice dinner on a restaurant patio, enjoying the breeze. Later that night, was a firework show.

Saturday was a rather nice day too, we spent the day going for walks and riding around looking at cars. Yes, that was pretty exciting since I am in the market for a new one.

I spent Sunday with my daughter. After church we headed to a park nearby where we rode the paddle boats and walked around the two mile lake for exercise.

We also did a little shopping and then..................

To end off the weekend, I went bananas and made this delicious sugar free banana pudding. My brother-in-law makes these and they are delicious! No, its not as good as moms "cooked", fully loaded banana pudding or my Husbands special made banana pudding, but it was perfect for us since we are all on a diet. I didn't have my brother-in-laws recipe but I knew basically what he used in it so I guessed at it and it turned out great! You can't even tell there is not sugar in this stuff.   

Lite Banana Pudding
2 small boxes sugar free/fat free banana pudding
2 cups of milk
1 12oz container of sugar free cool whip
1 Box fat free Vanilla Wafers
6 Bananas
Mix the pudding and milk as directed on the box
fold in the whip cream
In a bowl, layer the cookies, slice banana, pudding mixture (about 2 or 3 layers)
I also added some whip cream on top to be pretty but its optional
Set in fridge overnight

Now its back to work for me.
The only thing I don't like about the fourth of July, is once its over, Summer starts slipping away and the stores will start putting out their Winter items. Im hanging on to Summer as long as I can.

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