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Great Day For a Picnic

Well, today we packed it all up and headed home from the beach. The weekend was too short. The weather was windy and cold but we made the best of it. After seeing some kids shoulder deep in the ocean, I had to test the waters myself. Suprisingly, it didn't feel that cold.

Like always, the day you have to go home turns out to be the prettiest. 

The drive home was a nice one though there was quite a lot of traffic. There was a large car show at Myrtle beach this weekend. We did not go to it but we did see a lot of old fancy cars while we were on the road. All the way home we would call out the year and make of the old cars we passed. I guessed a lot of them right. 

We have our favorite half way stop in Mcbee right outside of Darlington called McCleod Farms. We decided to pass up all the fast food places and have a picnic outside of McCleods. It was sunny and 62 degrees. Perfect for a picnic. First I went to the counter and ordered an apple crisp. That intitled me to some plasticware to use on the Dukes mayonnaise for a tomato sandwich. I cut the tomatoes before we left. You just never know when your gonna pull over and make a mater samich.  


Nothing beats a good tomato sandwich,  and "it has to be Dukes".

I remember when I was younger, when we would take family trips, we would find a roadside picnic table where dad would pull off the road and we would all gather around for a picnic lunch. I rarely see those anymore. They used to be everywhere. 

We enjoyed our picnic. We talked and laughed and we watched the birds wait for us to finish so they could grab some bread crumbs. The picnic tables sat next to the tractors outside a vintage museum so we walked over to take a look. I'm always fascinated with these for some reason. 


Nick snapped a shot of me playing around on one of the tractors before we got back out on the road. 


Until next time, its back to work come Monday and ill be counting down the days until our next trip.