A Walk In The Park

Sunday did not go as planned for me. After two weeks of rain and Saturday being stuck inside all day cleaning while my husband worked. I was ready to get out. I wanted to get away.

I skipped church Sunday because I thought we were going to go somewhere. My husband had the day off and it was beautiful outside. I told him how I would love to go to a big camper show in Hickory. 

Well it did not happen. We sat around here til noon and I was getting upset. He did not feel like going to the camper show after he learned it was an inside event and would be a crowd of people. He suggested we go a few miles down the road to a little town called Cramerton and go for a walk at Goat Island Park. This was not on my agenda but the day was wasting away. 

Goat Island Park has a mile long greenway down the Carolina Thread Trail along with a park, Frisbee Golf, Kayaking, fishing and more. 

Before our walk we stopped by an Ice Cream coffee shop called Floyd and Blackies and got some ice cream. 

I got an Affogato. This is where they pour a shot of espresso over a scoop of ice cream. I chose some sugar free butter pecan. Nick grabbed an ice coffee. Both were delicious. 

During our walk we saw lots of turtles sun bathing on logs. 

While crossing over the “muddy” South Fork river, we could see kayakers relaxing in the sun.

As we continued off the trail a bit, we come to a dead end where there was nice pier. We stood and watched some kids having fun on a rope swing. 

The boys would swing out and drop in the water while the girls giggled from the sidelines. 

It turned out to be a nice day. When we got home we cooked some salmon steaks for dinner and spent the rest of the evening resting before having to start the week over on Monday. 


  1. That was a Win! WIN!! kind of day!!

  2. That sounds like a great, relaxing day!

  3. Sherry said, "Shucks, if we had been home we could have met them there!" We have never been to Goat Island But have thought about it. LOL Thanks for the tour. Now that Sherry knows there is an ice cream place close, it may go closer to the top of our LIST! haha.

    I was pleasantly surprised to see activity in the South Fork (Kayaks and swimmers), As far as I can remember back, the South Fork (of the Catawba) is the only constantly 'muddy' river in North CArolina. I have always wondered why! The only explanation i have heard is: It travels thru so much plowed farm land.
    Anyway it is always good to see the alert from you.
    Hugs to Nick, sending love from Florida.
    Sherry & jack

    PS; That swing reminds me of my childhood. AHHHHH Butter pecan ice cream!!!!

  4. Sounds like a lovely day. I know I would have enjoyed it.
    Looks like a great place for kayaking, something we very much enjoy!!