Diagnosis Finally

I am still here in blogger land, I have just been slack at posting. By the time I get home from work, eat dinner and get in my walk and shower, I’m exhausted. I can barely keep my eyes open and rarely finish watching anything on tv before dozing off. 

Work makes me tired but what makes me most tired is fighting my condition. It’s an everyday battle to pretend I am fine all day at work. Inside, I am always fighting light headiness, brain fog and focus. Let’s add in the fact my ear feels full of inflammation pressure and lack of hearing.
If you follow my blog, I have complained about this for years. Seven to be exact. 

I went to my regular doctor again about my ear problem. Years ago, he said it must be allergies. I knew it was more than that. This time he thinks it’s my neck and wanted to do xrays. It showed spinal damages that cause pain, but still, this was different. So I went with my gut feeling and made myself an appointment with the ENT. 

The Audiologist did some testing and said I have over 50% hearing loss in my left ear. I can hear some sounds but can not make out what people are saying on that side. Next, I walked into another office where the doctor discussed a possible problem I have and set me up another appointment to have some more testing to know for sure. 

The tests they did was an ECoG, VNG, and ABR. 

I returned to the ENT the next week to get some answers.

I have been officially diagnosed with Meniere's Disease. 

He said I have no balance left in my left ear, and over 50% hearing loss. He said there is no cure and my ear has taken a hard hit. He said it will not get better and since I have Meniere’s I may lose all hearing in that ear eventually, but I can change things to help cope with it. Hopefully I can reduce the vertigo and light headiness with a low salt diet and a prescription of diuretics. Sounds can effect it, diet and weather. I have been using some earplugs for
barometric pressure but I got some new ear plugs to deal with sensitivity. They are called “Loops” and I absolutely love them. It blocks out background noise and sounds that are sensitive to me. If I am in a room with loud noises or loud singing and music, It sounds like one big loud blurr and it can trigger a vertigo attack. These earplugs are suppose to help with this. It’s weird that even though I have loss of hearing, some sounds are brutal. It’s like a busted speaker.

It’s just a lot so I’ll stop rambling. I will survive. I will get through this. Now that I have a diagnosis, I can take control. The doctors say “there is no cure”,  but I say, “do you know my Jesus?

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  1. Honey, The worst part is not knowing. But then the wrong diagnosis is a big disappointment. We need to know the real issues to know where to start to get any better. Praying for you. Stay strong, xoxo,blessings, Susie

  2. Sorry to hear of your condition but at least you now know what it is.
    I love your attitude and you are so right when you say, Does he know my Jesus?
    Will keep on praying.

  3. Yes, amen!! You have a name (label) that you can rebuke! Sometimes having a diagnosis really helps the stress of navigating all of it! Praying for full healing so you can sing God’s praises on your platform! 🌸