Whittle Mushrooms

I have been playing around with my knives again. 

I like whittling even though I don’t really know how. I have carved some crochet hooks and hair pins but then I decided to take it a step further and try to create something more detailed. So I decided to whittle a tiny mushroom. It was easy and fun.


I friend from church saw it and asked if I would make a couple tiny mushrooms for him. He knew a girl that loved anything with mushrooms and would like to give them to her. I told him I would and I did. 

If it was warm outside, I would sit outside and chip away but since it’s so cold outside and the projects I do are so small, I am able to drape a rag towel over my lap and whittle while watching TV.

It takes me about 30 minutes to turn a stick into a mushroom. 

I carefully placed the mushrooms inside a tiny keepsake jar and will give them to him at church today. 

It is said that mushrooms grow in wet areas and that is why they are shaped like umbrellas. 

Other fun facts about Mushrooms:

-Mushrooms that are not edible are what they call “toad stools”.
-They can glow in the dark.
-Some can turn ants into zombies.
-They are more like humans than plants.


  1. You can't say you don't know how to whittle!!! :) The mushrooms you made are the cutest little things. I love them!!! They turned out great.

  2. Those are adorable!! You're so creative

  3. You are so stinking creative... This is not only cute but a very good entry. THANKS
    Sherry & jack on this side of the muddy river....

  4. Cute-cute- cute. Whittle while you work....oh- wait...It's whistle....lol. Whatever---xo Diana