Tuesday 4-Autumn This and That

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“It’s Autumn and temperatures in many places will be going down, days will be shorter and leaves will be tumbling down”, Let’s discuss these things.

1. Do lower temperatures bother you or make you uncomfortable and are you more of a warm climate person?

As long as the temperatures do not go below my age, I will be fine. Cooler temps are nice sometimes but I am more of a warm climate person. I do not like to be cold. I also do not like wearing heavy clothes, coats or sweaters.

2. Do you like the colors associated with Autumn? Clothing wise, do they look good on you?

I think the different color leaves are pretty on trees but I do not like Fall colors to decorate in. Fall is when all things dry up and die so oranges and browns seem dreary to me. I like the way Fall clothes look on other people but not myself. 

3. Would you rather…

  • ….Get lost in a corn maze or go on a hayride?
  • ….Visit and apple orchard or a pumpkin patch?
  • ….Eat a caramel apple or a candy apple?
  • ….Cinnamon buns or Pumpkin muffins?
I have to admit, I have never been to a corn maze but they seem fun. I do love hayrides but I like the old fashioned kind where you were actually sitting in the hay instead of sitting on hay bales. 
I would rather be in an apple orchard than a pumpkin patch any day. 
I like caramel apples better than candy apples but I never eat either one. I once bit into a pretty caramel apple only to find the apple to be rotten underneath. So now I do not trust them. 
Cinnamon buns are the best. Pumpkin muffins, yuk. 

4. There are 75,00 varieties of apples. What is your favorite and do you like apple pie?

My favorite kind of apple is the “Honey crisp”. They are firm, juicy and have the perfect amount of sweet and tart. I am not a pie person and apple pie is my least favorite kind of pie but I will eat it hot with a scoop of ice cream on top. 

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  1. Love your answers. I am a warm weather gal, too. Unfortunately, living here in WI means dealing with frigid weather for several months. I love real hay rides, too, but haven't been on one of those since I was a teenager. Honey Crisp is my favorite, too. xo Diana

  2. Nice reading your answers.
    I must admit thought that I love the cold crisp days and snow too. :). If I didn't I sure wouldn't be living where I do!! :)
    My favorite apple are Honey Crisp too, Galas are pretty good too.