Falling up

I do not usually fall up the stairs, but when I do, I make sure I do it over and over when there are several people behind me. 
Yes this happened to me last week. I still can’t stop thinking about the embarrassment. So here I am writing about it to get it off my mind. Maybe.

Where I work, I have to park a great distance to and from the entrance. The walk includes climbing 33 steps midway. I was pretty much alone on the route but other employees were coming up the parking lot. Half way up the stairs my foot did not go all the way on a step and it cause me to trip. Up the stairs. I caught myself with one hand while I kept from spilling my coffee that was in the other. 
I was rather embarrassed but it was a graceful fall and didn’t cause any alarm. So I kept climbing. 

Once I reached the door, the others behind me had caught up with me. I began wondering how many saw me fall. So. Out of embarrassment, I decided to take the stairs instead of the elevator to my 4th floor office just to prove I was ok and wasn’t that old. I thought I would be spunky and even run up them. So I did. Well, I tried. 
Many of the other employees that were still behind me, take the stairs too because they work on the 2nd floor. 
As I was running up the stairs, I tripped again. Everyone gasped and I assured them I was ok and continued up. Again….I tripped. That made three falls before even getting to the 2nd floor. 

At that point, I turned around and said “ Oh my gosh yall! I promise I am not drunk!” They all giggled a little and wished me well as they went to their floor and I continue on up to the fourth floor without any more incidents. 

I still do not know why I kept falling but now I wonder if I should just take the elevator for now on. I really do like getting the exercise of the stairs but I’m still too embarrassed and do not want to take any more chances embarrassing myself even more. 

My knees are not as good as they used to be. Neither are my ankles. That could have contributed to the falls. Who knows. Maybe I am just getting old. 


  1. I am not laughing, I did smile! YEP most folks know the feelings of slipping, it ain't a problem usually unless someone is watching. Yep it is embarrassing. Getting older just might have something to do with it, but most likely not. Usually has to do with your mind wandering.... At least that is what I like to think... LOL Glad you were not hurt. ;-)

  2. I did laugh. Sorry. But I fall up ALL the time!! And I've been doing it for years...before I was "old". Now, when I walk, I look down. My husband makes fun of me, but if I don't look where I'm walking; I trip.

    You're not old. You just had a misstep. Over and over. It happens.

  3. You're not old, just older and it's part of life. Our knees and ankles aren't as strong as when we were in our 20's or 30's so don't be embarrassed, it's happened to all of us. So don't beat yourself up, and don't stop taking the stairs, it's good exercise, just hang onto to the rails as you're walking up.

  4. Oh I'm glad you're okay. That's my main concern. I've had days like that but not falling up usually while going down. Leave it to you to do something totally cool!
    No, you're not old! Don't be embarrassed. It's okay.