Vintage Sewing Ottoman

My parents recently purchased a new home and during the moving process, they asked us kids if there were anything in the house we would like to have because they were wanting to downsize. 

The only thing I could think of was an old vintage ottoman mom always had in her sewing room all my life. For some reason I have always liked that little stool. It has a hinged padded top that opens up for storage. I always wanted to know what she kept in there. 

I never expected her to give this to me now. I was thinking I would take it if she passed away before me. As healthy as my parents are in their 80’s, they will probably out live me. I was excited when they brought it over to me. 

It is worn, discolored and stained from years of use. This stool is from the 70’s so It’s probably 50 years old. 

I took the stool in and probably moved it to a hundred different areas around the house of where I might want to place it. It ended up in my bedroom but I am not sure if I want to keep it there or not. 

I spent some time this past weekend and cleaned it up the best I could. 

It still shows some stains and markings but I do not mind as it gives it that vintage character.

It makes a great stool to sit on while I put on my shoes. I am just in love with it. Thanks Mom!


  1. That looks very handy and when you look at it you will always bring the image of your mother to mind. I have something similar to that and it belonged to Sr P's Aunty. She was such a lovely person. Mind you it was extremely scruffy in comparison your stool is in much better condition. I washed it and made a crochet cover for it and I put it to use. We use it a lot when my grand-daughter pops by. keep well Amanda x

  2. It is wonderful to 'find' that something that will forever send a message. I love it. Yep no question, if it were us, we would treasure it forever. Sherry has a fan of her mom's she treasures, it is also a 'seat'.
    You did a good job cleaning it up, although that was probably unnecessary to keep the memory alive....
    Good stuff.
    Sherry & jack over in the Bell town.

  3. So nice to have something that was your moms for such a long time - it will always be special and give you a thought of your mom every time you put your shoes on. :)

  4. I love your footstool! I prop my feet up a lot these days and if I saw that one in an antique shop - I would want to take it home with me! You chose wisely!

  5. That's a cute little ottoman. You did a great job cleaning it up and making it look nice. Vintage things are so delightful. : )