Beanie and Buttons

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I am just not settled in my lifestyle yet with the new job and mixed hours. I start full time next week so I will be on a regular 9-5 work week. BUT.....Belks has asked me to stay on and work some nights for a couple hours and a weekend here and there. I agreed. I call this job my fun job. I enjoy shopping for online orders and mingling with other coworkers and customers. The office job is still a learning in progress. I still have no clue what I’m doing, but I’m doing it. Taxes and accounting are just not in my interest. The office is quiet and not much chatting among coworkers. In case your wondering why I chose this position, I actually didn’t. It chose me instead. I did not apply to this job but a friends daughter reached out to me with the offer. I needed a job, I took it. I am still somewhat looking around for a job I feel suits me best. I really wish to work in a medical office of some sort and time off for a vacation. It’s killing me knowing that I only get 5 days off after June at the new job. 

Enough about work....
It has been cold here in North Carolina. We actually had a dusting of snow last week. We do not see much snow around here.
Saturday I decided to go have my nails done. Not wanting to do anything to my hair, I just threw on a beanie. But then I had to wear a mask while I was in the salon. I did not want to take my hat off due to my messy hair. It was a struggle to get the mask around my ears after I put on the beanie. 
This got me thinking of a plan. I sewed on a couple buttons to the beanie. This is how I wore my mask. 

The buttons were planned to be just temporary, but it worked so well I decided to keep them on the hat. This makes the mask easy to rip off after I leave a business without having to mess up my hat. Because, lawd knows my hair was a sight! I also didn't have on make up. Heck, I think I was still in my pajama pants, but my at least my nails are purty. 


  1. Very clever adding the buttons. I bet those beanies will fly off the shelf with the modification for masks. hang in there with the new job. it takes a while to settle in. both my daughters are struggling in their new positions. stay safe. take care.

    1. Thanks! Yes I’m sure the job will get better with time. I felt the same way about my past job the first couple weeks and ended up staying for 26 years.

  2. That's the way nurses wear the mask. It saves the ears! 😊

  3. Yep, thou art one nifty lady. I did have to laugh, Sherry put some make up on before we headed to the grocery store and then said, "I don't know why I bother with the mask!" Good thinking.
    I'm with Sandi, the buttons save your ears, mine are already busy holding my hearing devices an most of the time get hung in my mask strings.
    Enjoyed the visit. We know you will hang in there at the job, new ones always take time, but you know that.
    I understand the 'fun' job, nice to have time to interact with your co workers.
    Love from a cool Florida, Sherry checks the weather every day here and there. for the last few days we have been within 1 degree of your temps. COOL for Florida, so CLOSE THE DOOR!
    Sherry & jack

  4. You are so clever!! Love that button idea!
    Hang in will find the prefect job!