Back In The Office Chair

I have some good news to share. I am excited to announce that I have finally found me a new job. 

If you know me or have been following my blog, you know that I lost my job in October of 2019. I was an office manager for 26 years until the company sold halfway out and my boss said he could no longer afford me, so he let me go. From that day on, I have searched for another full time office job. I applied to over 280 jobs with no luck. I was devastated. I was losing hope. There were days I hated myself and times I was afraid I was getting depression, But everyone kept telling me to trust in God and I will find a job on his timing. I guess that time is now. 

A friend had reached out to see if I’d be interested in this position. When I said yes, she made arrangements for me to do an interview with the owner. I went for the interview and it seemed to go well as expected. He noted that he was definitely interested in hiring me. I left his office without much hope as this was pretty much how all the other interviews have gone. I was becoming a pro at accepting rejection.

The next week he called me back and formally offered me the job and after a couple of questions, I accepted. 
I will be an administrative assistant for a CPA office.
I start Monday. 

Meanwhile, I have been working a seasonal job at Belk department store for the past few weeks. I like it though it can be tiring working on your feet all day. I have enjoyed working with customers and it’s giving me something to keep busy and lots of exercise.
I plan to continue with the seasonal job on nights and weekends as long as I can. This will give me some 10 and 12 hour days. I can give up the seasonal job anytime but we’ll see how it goes.
I am going to be a busy bee until January.

I am pretty excited about the new position but I have so much anxiety built up right now. I hope they like me and I hope I will be a great asset to the office and enjoy it. 

I want to thank all of my friends that have been keeping me in their prayers and my spirits high.
2020 has been a rough year.


  1. Congratulations Lisa!! Thrilled that you have finally found a new Office job. Wishing you the best success in your new role!! So very pleased for you! keep well Amanda x

  2. Glad to hear this. Yep there is always that 'worry' of starting the new job and 99% of the time it is time wasted, but sure is hard not to 'be concerned'. My sister used to say that, I don't worry, I just get really concerned. LOL Hang in there girl you have what it takes to give and take. It really is sort of an adventure, stepping into the unknown. YOU can do it.
    Sherry & jack down wandering in Florida

  3. Congratulations Lisa! I'm so happy for you! There is no doubt they will like you I hope you will like and enjoy the job! You will certainly be a busy bee with both jobs. The seasonal jobs can be so tiring but I know you've been enjoying. Keep us updated.

  4. Congratulations!!! I KNEW this would happen!! Just didn't know WHEN!!

  5. Every time I think of you I have been praying that you would find a job...and it looks like you found the perfect one. How could anyone NOT like you? You are one of the sweetest people I know and smart as a whip!
    Good luck keeping up the two jobs-don't wear yourself out doing both though.
    I guess God gave you an early Christmas present with the job!!!! xo Diana

  6. I'm so glad that you've found yourself a new job, and this is so inspiring, I need a job too and I know it's not a time to give up! thanks for this very encouraging post^-^

  7. Lisa, I am so happy for you! Praise the Lord! Thanks for sharing...just know...I will be praying for you! Your post made my day!

  8. Look at God! Congratulations Lisa on your new job. I'm so happy for you :) Be blessed!

  9. Congratulations on new job.

    New Post -

  10. Hi Lisa!
    I am happy for you! I love hearing good news for a change! I wish you the best and look forward to hearing how it goes.
    Enjoy your day!
    jess xx

  11. How exciting and I'm happy for you Lisa. I hope the new job works out for you!

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