Nailed It

Hopefully I didn't actually nail anything!

I finally felt like getting out for a little walk. Not sure what's going on but my normal fast 15 minute a mile walks have been a thing of the past latley. I'm working on finding out what's going on with my chest pains. 
After more sleepless nights, I reconsidered the stress test and will be doing that tomorrow.

We have our normal path around the neighborhood and it's equal to about three miles. We threw on our walking cloths and headed out. Once we reached the top of our road, we noticed several nails that looked as if they had spilled from a construction truck. We picked up all the ones we could see and continued walking. As we continued we saw a lot more. Our whole walk consisted of picking up nails. The intire neighborhood roads were infested! 

Here are just a few we found. It's all we could carry at one time. We went back for more.

This makes me mad. One, because I can't afford new tires. Two, I'm fixing to drive out of town and don't need a flat, and three, how can somone be so careless?

Every morning now, when Nick takes his walk, he continues to find more nails. He thinks he found the neighbors that are causeing this havoc. He noticed their own driveway was covered in nails as well. Why are they not concerned about this? I do not wish bad on anyone but they deserve four flat tires! We can't communicate with them because they do not understand English. 

Meanwhile,  I try to watch the road on my drive in and out each day. I have also notified the other neighbors to be careful as well.  If I get a nail in my tire, those culprets will learn some English pretty quick.


  1. That's pretty risky having so much nails around, and great of you to be looking out for everyone. Greetings and best wishes!

  2. hope yopu don't get a flat. good idea to pick them up.

  3. Good luck with the stress test. I hope you get some answers.

  4. I don't blame you for being upset, they need to learn English quickly anyways because this carelessness should be addressed with them.

  5. Nothing like people who litter everything up due to ignorance. Most people who own trucks should be given different vehicles. I recently had to dodge a bag of concrete...

  6. This was a wild tail. Too bad those nails weren't $100 bills.

  7. Being in construction in the Gaston area for many years, I was always concerned about that very thing. Not only dangerous, but expensive also. Those screws and nails are not cheap. I too hope you don't pick up any.

    I hope you learn something from the stress test, looks like the neighbor is trying to give you a preview of the test!

  8. We had the same problem one day but it was when we were living in a neighborhood with new construction going on. I did the same thing, picking up nails on my walks. I was one of the unlucky ones who did pick up a nail in my tire. My car has run flat tires and they are really expensive.

    Hope all went well with the stress test and they find out what the problem is.
    My husband went through the same thing and all results were good and they couldn't find a thing wrong. After a while the symptoms just went away.