Mountain Dew Soda Cake

Holy snackaroni! I just made cupcakes muffins using only two ingredients. 
I had no frosting, therfore they are muffins.


Googling around on the internet I seen "Soda Cake". It only called for two ingredients. 


1-Box Cake mix
1-12 oz can of soda.
Thats it! Zip! Bam! 

The only soda I had in the house was Diet Moutain Dew (diet because I'm on a diet, haha). 
I mixed it with a box of cake mix and the magic (not Jacks magic) appeared right before my eyes. 
The cake mix got all bubbly, fizzy and foamy until it was mixed well. 

Poured into a muffin pan and baked according to the directions on the box, I had the fluffiest most moistest cupcakes muffins ever! 


They were quiet delicious as I ate three of them. I'll regret it during the night. 

No worries on the calories (unless you devour them like I did).
Recipe makes 24 muffins.
Since there is no milk, oil or eggs, this recipes is light on the calories.
While the regular recipe bakes up each cupcake at about 120 calories each, this soda recipe falls at around only 70 calories each. 
Of course I used "diet soda" . 

Want more ideas on flavors? There are many other soda / cakemix combinations. 




  1. Funny thing, Over here grand daughter Sherece said they were going to bake a Sun Drop cake today!
    I haven't seen any of it yet, but it sounds good!
    The best to you from Over in Btown.

  2. Interesting.
    I couldn't make them here. No cake mixes - or soda. Given my girth, even 70 calories is too many.

  3. Are you going through my cupboards? I love Betty Crocker's mixes. Can't wait to try.

  4. Hmmm. That sounds interesting. But I don't drink diet sodas. Actually, I rarely drink any sodas but never diet.
    Maybe we could try it with a regular Mt Dew.

  5. SO neat! YUM!

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