DIY Wine Cork Trivet

I finally got all my Christmas shopping done.... I think.... There is always one more thing I want to grab. Actually, I got my shopping done last weekend so I had this past week to clean house, and get some Christmas goodies made to share with friends and neighbors.

While working in the kitchen I kept eyeing my collection of wine corks. Ok, before you call me a wino, they are not all mine. My collection also consist of corks I have found laying around at the beach. I have been saving them to make a bird house for the spring, but this is all I have after two years so, a bird house isn't going to happen. Instead, I decided to make a hot plate.

I love the way it turned out and used only the corks from my favorite Carolina Duplin Wine. I was two short, of that design so I added a couple odd corks. It added a little uniqueness to it. I would love to do one with a variety of different corks but I will have to keep collecting. Sure they can be bought at thrift shops by the bag full but that takes all the fun out of it.

There are may different ways to make these but here is how I did mine.

Grab a wooden picture frame and removed the glass.
If the back has a flappy stand, remove that and the metal rail that the back slides onto.
Replace the cardboard into the frame and hot glue it in place. Push it as close toward the front as possible.
Flip over and place the corks in a pattern. There are many different ways to turn them and they can even be cut to fit small places.
Once you have a plan, hot glue each cork into the frame, using the cardboard you placed inside as the floor for them to glue too.
I also dabbled a little glue to the back side corners to keep it from sliding around while in use.

I've already used mine and it worked great! I like how it looks sitting on the counter as well.
If you have a lot of corks and a bigger frame, you can hang it on the wall and use it for a cork board.
That could possibly be my next cork idea but it will take me a while.

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  1. I've seen a few ideas using corks like this, coasters, pin boards etc but this is one of the nicest I've seen, I love the corks in the wooden frame.

  2. What a great excuse to drink more wine. Love it!!!!

  3. Lisa, this is such a clever idea! Of course us women would love it because it's all about wine, but I think it would make a really nice gift for a guy too. Great idea for a Mother's or Father's Day gift!! Pinned and I love it!!