I Blinged My FitBit Flex

I got a new fitbit flex for my birthday from my sweet husband and I love it.
Hold on, I will also show you how I added a little bling to it but first let me tell you a little about this thing.

I had been wanting one of these fitness trackers since they came out.

Its pretty  neat how it works. I set a goal for myself and it tracks my steps, how far I walk, how much I eat, and even tracks my sleep habits and lets me know how well I slept and how many times I was restless each  night.

Here is an example of how mine looked one day.

I use the silent alarm to wake up in the mornings. Yep, this neat little gadget will even vibrate to wake me up when I want it too.

I could go on because it does so much more, but just go to the fitbit.flex website and check out all the cool features for yourself.

You can get these in many different colors but I wanted the slate blue. It looks blue with some outfits and gray with others.

The problem is, they are not too fancy. While I like the sporty and futuristic look of it, I also wanted mine to be different. So I took a trip to to the craft store and bought some bling.


Now It feels prettier.

You will see, I didn't add anything to the top part of it, that's because that is where you tap it to put it in sleep mode or see your progress.

I have had my Fitbit for month now and I have lost 5 lbs. It has encouraged me to keep going to reach my goal.

Now I just need to find other friends with a fitbit so we can compete together for extra support and encouragement. I can just log onto the app and it will show all my friends progress in order from the highest to the lowest for the week. This can be fun.

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