Mistletoe Find

For the past two years, in my neighborhood, I have seen this mysterious green shrubbery living in a nearby tree. Mistletoe has been know to grow really high up in the trees, but not my finding. Some that I have found is within reach. Last year, we cut some down and divided among friends and family. The problem with cutting it to soon, it dried out within a week so I do not plan to cut any this year.

I had my husband take a couple pictures of the mistletoe for me while he was on his walking route.

Ever wonder why mistletoe is a Christmas tradition? I read on the internet that the French believe it was growing on the tree that Jesus was crucified on, therefore was cursed to be poison and denied a place to grow on earth to forever be a parasite. I still don't get where it falls into Christmas. Sounds to me like is should be more of an Easter tradition.

Here in the South, it is believed that a couple that kisses under the mistletoe will ensure themselves a long happy marriage, while an unmarried woman NOT kissed under the mistletoe will be single for another year.
As for the mistletoe itself, you are suppose to remove a berry every time it is kissed under and after all the berries are gone, there should be no more kissing underneath that plant.

Ok, so I may go get a tiny piece so I can kiss Santa underneath it.  [wink]

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  1. my grandmother always had mistletoe in her kitchen but never knew the back story. very interesting.