Keto Crackers

I am not on a Keto diet. I do not think it is a healthy diet to stick too but I do like to make some Keto dishes because I am trying to stay away from breads. One of my favorite is the Chaffles I shared in another blog post. I also made flourless Bagels and Cauliflower bread sticks before. 

Today, I want to share with you these delicious Keto Crackers made with only two ingredients. 

➞2 Cups Almond flour
➞1 Egg
➞ Spices (optional)
Place it all in a food processor until the dough is formed. 
(Mine looked like little beads until I kneaded it in my hands).
Put the dough between two pieces of wax paper and roll very thin. 

Cut into squares or rounds (any shape of choice) and place on a parchment lined cookie sheet 
and bake 350 for about 10 minutes. 
Keep an eye on them. Once the edges start browning, they are done. 
(You can also poke holes in them to give them a different look)

Some of mine were thinner than others and those browned quicker. 

These crackers are sort of bland so you may want to add salt or seasoning of your choice. I added “everything bagel” seasoning and they were delicious/  
If you leave them plain, you will think your eating those nasty communion wafers served at what us Baptist call “The Lords Supper”. 

My husband took one then asked where the wine was. Ha ha. 
He was just kidding because mine were full of flavor from my added spices and would be great served with a veggie dip or cheeseball. 
They didn’t last long.

These would also be great served on a Charcuterie board which I would love to do one day. 

Two Week Notice

The time has come that I can no longer keep up working two jobs. Between my full time job and my part time job, I was working 12 hours a day a few days a week and every Saturday and Sunday. Even though my husband helped a lot, he works a lot of mixed hours as well and things were not getting done around the house. I didn’t have time to throughly clean the house. We rarely ate at the table anymore together, My supper sometimes included a pack of crackers during the 30 minutes I had between jobs. I am always tired,  missing church and Nick said I am getting grumpy. Two weeks ago, I formally put in my notice. June the 2nd will be my last day at the department store. I will be back to my normal routine of working 8 hours a day and off on weekends. 

But here is what’s weird.

I really enjoyed my part time job. Everyone liked me and I got along great with employees, managers and customers. Though I would go home tired, I was usually upbeat at work, Always speaking to everyone, and made sure I put on my smiling face. 

BUT once I put in my two week notice....
The enjoyment and fun seemed to stop. I felt ignored the past two weeks. There was nothing else for me there. I was given positions and hours that no one else wanted. I was miserable there for the first time in 8 months. There were days I never even saw a manager, I was no longer involved in any conversations, meetings or memos. It has felt a little weird. I started feeling like the new employee again. Was all the friendships fake? Do they even care that I’m leaving? The store manager commented to me the day after I gave him my notice and told me I was valuable and they will miss me. But will they really? 

This has made me think.
(and this is were I would like my readers to comment their thoughts).

Did I really need to put in a two week notice in a part time job?
I know it’s the right thing to do in a full time position. It is usually so the business can get a head start on hiring a replacement. 
It is a time period I could have trained a new employee.. None of this happened though they complain about not having enough help and that they are rapidly losing employees. (They have had several applicants by the way).

Soon , none of this will be my worry.  I will finally get back to normal. I will be able to eat a meal at a decent hour, take those long walks after dinner, get back to blogging regularly again and take better care of myself. 

I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day today. I finally have a day off. The first day off I have had since May 9th. 

Wild Daisies I picked out of the parking lot at work yesterday. 
It’s the little things that bring me joy.