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How Do You Handle The Negative?

We all know people that are always negative. Those that kill your mood with negative and pessimism.

I turn on the Internet and TV and all I hear is negative news, complaining and conflict! I decide to Turn on music instead. I log onto my social media and all I see are negative post and stories. I will hide these people from my view. But then I think being positive is not ignoring the negative, but instead, overcoming it. But how?

What about family members or friends that can never find anything positive to say? The ones you love and want to see do better, but unwilling to better themselves and continue complaining about it. No matter what you say, they come back with a negative remark. They will always find bad in everything good. They hate life and dwell on bad news.

I know a person that will complain about their weight but instead of listening to my advice, they return a photo of themselves eating a dozen donuts or a pint of ice cream and think its funny. people will do this to discourage you from reaching your own goals by trying to prove it's not possible.

What about that person that hates the way they look? No matter how you convenience them they are beautiful, they get mad at you and call you a lair. They simply will not accept a compliment. So you snap back and tell them before anyone else can like them, they have to like themselves. This is true fact by the way. I get tired of wasting my time trying to change someone that is not willing to change themselves.

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I am proud of myself for loosing 50 lbs. But it does not always come with sparkles and rainbows. I more often walk into a room and hear people say, "you make me sick" or "it must be nice to be able to loose weight", than hear anyone congratulate me. I have to remember to smile and hold my chin up. It took a lot of work to get where I am. I refuse to let them bring me down to their level of unhappiness.

Negative people will suck the optimism right out of you. They wonder why they do not have friends and its because the heave a reputation of always being negative. No one wants to be around that.

I have decided to limit my exposure to these kind of people.

How do you handle negative news or negative people?

Valentine Date

Hope everyone had a happy Valentines Day. My Valentine surprised me with some candy, wine and reservations at a fancy restaurant up town called Webbs Custom Kitchen. The reservations were for 6:00 so I took off work a little early to make time. This was our first visit to this restaurant but it was not the first time inside this building.

Webbs Custom Kitchen gets it name from it's history that dates back to 1920 when it was a popular movie house call none other than the "Webb Theatre" housing one screen and 826 seats. 

Here it is back in the 70’s

Here it is today

The streets were blocked in front of the restaurant because they were filming a Hallmark Movie. I was hoping to walk in the fake snow but unfortunately they had already taken it away.....here is a secret. It was only cotton and they just toss it in the trash cans afterwards. 

Walking into the restaurant brought back some memories. I remember daddy taking me to my first movie back in 1976 here. The movie we saw was King Kong. It frightened me and had me in tears at the end. Feels like just yesterday. I also remember daddy taking me to this same movie theater to see the first Star Wars Movie.

As we entered, it was like walking back in time. The original projector was on display and there were other preserved pieces of  history displayed through out. Even though the old building has had major renovations and a new modern look, you can see flashbacks of the rustic brick walls, arched ceiling and balcony that still remain. They had a movie screen showing old black and white (silent) movies during dinner. It themed well with the atmosphere like live art work.

We were seated on the lower section but the staff insisted we go to the balcony seating to get a good view of the movie screen and open view kitchen. They also encourage you to walk up to the kitchen window and take a look at the cooks preparing the meals.

We started off with an appetizer  of “Duck Cigars’”. (We call them duck egg rolls.)
Excuse the blurry photos but I tried to be discreet taking photos at the table. But I mean, A blogger has to do what a blogger has to do.

For our dinner course, we both chose the filet mignon medallions topped with blue cheese on bruschetta.  

I fell in love with the taste of this chocolate Martini. This was the first time I have ever had a Martini. I’'m sure they are not all this good. It was so sweet and creamy.........and small. 
But I just had too...Did I mention it was Godiva?

Oh speaking of desserts, we shared a piece of New York Cheese Cake to finish off the meal.

We took half of our meal and cake home with us because we did not want to leave feeling stuffed, but did leave feeling satisfied and now Nick has enough left overs for another meal while I resort back to Nutrisystem. 

This was a nice valentine treat from my love and we talked about doing it again soon. The food was delicious and the staff was pleasant.

We had a Hollywood night.