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Buffalo Cauliflower Caesar Wraps

I have been trying to eat healthy for years now. Well, I don’t just try, I have actually done pretty good at it. There are days I will eat a meal that is not on my diet and some would say it unhealthy but in reality, no food is “unhealthy” unless your body reacts in an unhealthy way. I have just chosen to try to eat more, let’s say, “natural” foods. Due to health reasons, I had to go on a low sodium diet and have to stay away from processed foods which includes can foods too. So far it’s working for me and I feel great! 

I have also given up caffeine (unless I eat a piece of chocolate). I have limited my bread and sweets and have been trying to eat more vegetables. For the record, I am not a vegetarian. I love meat. I have just been trying to find ways to incorporate more veggies into my diet because, frankly, I am not a fan of vegetables unless its in a salad or a tomato sandwich. 

But lately, I have been addicted to buffalo cauliflower caesar wraps. It’s a great alternative to buffalo chicken. I’m absolutely hooked on this stuff. 
I bought a fresh head of cauliflower and broke it into small pieces. I will put a handful into a ziplock baggie and toss it around with some buffalo sauce. I use the “Sweet Baby Rays’ brand because they are a favorite in bbq sauce as well. 

After I toss the cauliflower, I dump it into my air fryer and cook it for 15 minutes at 390 degrees. It comes out crispy and delicious.

Then I place in on a flour tortilla on top of a bed of lettuce and add a dash of creamy Caesar dressing. I use “Kens” dressing. It’s the best. 

I can’t say it is any more healthy than a Caesar chicken wrap but it’s a good way to to skip the meat and eat some veggies.

Go ahead and try it! But beware, it can be spicy. 

Air Fryer Popover

I have been wanting to make home made popovers. A popover is a light roll made from an egg batter similar to Yorkshire pudding. While they seem large and fluffy, the insides come out somewhat hollow in the middle. 
I found several recipes that are super easy but there is one problem. To make real popovers, I would have to purchase a special popover pan. It looks similar to a muffin pan but are specially made with chambers that air can flow around them causing the dough to puff and, well, “pop over” the pan. 

I was determined to try making popovers but I knew I did not have a special pan nor did I need a dozen of them in my diet. So....
I made my own recipe to create just one popover by using my air fryer. I did not want to heat the oven up for a single serving and besides, I love my air fryer. 

I think it turned out great and made a delicious portion controlled breakfast that kept me full until lunch time. It did not include any sugar until I decided to sprinkle powdered sugar on top. This one reminded me more of a dutch baby pancake but I’m just happy that it tasted so good, and let’s face it, It did “pop over” in it’s own little way. 

I plan to get one of those popover pans soon. Well, soon as I can find one I can afford. 

Air Fryer Popover (single serve)
1/4 Cup- all purpose flour
Pinch of salt
1/4 Cup- milk (I used almond milk)
1 Large egg

Mix flour and salt together.
Whisk milk and egg together.
Pour egg mixture into the flour mixture.
Mix until blended but do not over mix.
Pour into a buttered ramekin or mug.
Add a few berries for some sweetness (optional)
Bake in air fryer at 350 for 15 minutes. 

Top with powered sugar or syrup for a sweet treat.