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Finding My Focus

I get my eyes examined each year. (It’s one of the free things I get by giving the insurance company a quarter of my check each month). My eye sight has pretty much stayed the same each year but is declining very slow. I definitely require reading glasses. If I buy them over the counter I’m somewhere between 1.75 and 2.0. I can see fine looking far away.

This year at my regular visit, the doctor wrote me a prescription for both seeing afar and reading. He said I do not really need both right now, but recommends it and that they make transitional glasses that I may want to look into. 

I took my prescription and sat on it for a couple months before deciding to go ahead and get prescription glasses. I went to a place called Americas Best Eye Care. I purchased two pair of frames for 99.00. I just got the "readers" part of the prescription. When I got home with my new glasses I seen online where if I take a photo wearing my glasses, I would have a chance at a $250.00 voucher from Americas Best. 

I entered and low and behold, I was the August Fridays Face and won the voucher! How cool was that? 

Now, I wondered what in the world am I going to do with that much money to spend at an eye center. I already had two pair of new frames that I loved. 
I held on to the voucher in case Nick wanted to use it on his next pair of glasses. December came and it was fixing to expire. He told me that he really did not want new glasses so for me to use the voucher on a nice pair. So I went back to the glasses store to look around.

I decided to go big and chose a pair of Ray-Ban frames and had them put my full prescription lenses in them. This meant transitional lenses. They warned me that it would take a while to get used to and made me promise to wear them for ten hours straight to get a feel of them.

Here I am heading out shopping with my new Ray-bans on looking like a nerd. But I did it. I made it all day wearing these things. 

I really like that I can read something then look up with out peeping over the frames or taking them off. This will make church services easier. Looking down at my Bible, them up at the pastor was uncomfortable with just the readers on.

But then the struggle hit me.

My problem now is trying to find my focus at work. I do a lot of reading, writing and computer work. I am having trouble getting a good reading sight from both eyes at the same time. While one is clear, the other is blurry so I tilt my head a little and it will switch to the other side. It’s annoying but I’m not giving up. They told I would have to get used to them when reading as I am now looking through a smaller space to read. Unfortunately I refused to pay the extra hundred dollars to have the wider vision transition.

Does anyone else use transitional lenses? Did you have this problem at first? I just feel like it’s a never ending battle. I will continue using them here at work and hopefully I will finally find my focus. Meanwhile, shopping in them is fun and perfect for looking down at a price for a second.
Now maybe I will come home with the right size clothes and no price surprises. Haha.

Sweater: Old Navy
Distressed Jeans: Indigo Rein from TJ Maxx
Glasses- Ray Ban from Americas Best
Cross body purse: Ross


Despite the warm weather we have been having, the temperatures finally dropped and we got our first snow. Here in my neck of the woods, we got about 3 inches of snow and about 2 inches of ice. That's pretty much par for us.

My work was closed on Monday due to the weather conditions. The main roads were being cleared but the neighborhoods and side roads were untouched. This made it hard for our employees to get to work and our carpet cleaning trucks to get to any customers homes. I stayed in and got caught up on cleaning and gift wrapping. I also made cookies and a snowmen.

Tuesday came and I was getting behind and needed to go into work. There was only so much I could do at home from my iPad. I threw on my britches, sweatshirt and clodhoppers and headed out the door. In case you don't know, Clodhoppers is a Southern word for large heavy shoes, britches are pants and that's just how I talk.

Here are my clodhoppers. They have had their day but are my favorite snow shoes.
This is also me standing on the ice that covers a couple inches of snow.

Before heading out, I got word that the parking lot was a sheet of ice so I may need to have Nick just bring me and drop me off at the bottom of the parking lot. That he did.

Here I am after the struggle of climbing the ice slick parking lot and still had quiet a few feet to go to get into the building.

Not sure why the owner never hires someone to scrape it for us but this is what I dread most about the snow. Climbing that hill into the office. This side is always shaded so the snow and ice will hang around for days.

I hope this is all the snow we get this year but I wont hold my breath. It's only December and we don't usually have our real Winter weather until February.

If you are fighting the snow and ice today, be sure to throw on those clodhoppers before you go out.

"My snowman Sue"