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Cheese Pumpkins

Today your getting a short repost of and old post. I have had a busy weekend and simply too tired to come up with anything else right now so your getting a cheesy recipe.

 Grab a block of cheese and lets make something Cheese Pumpkins. Lawd have mercy! These little boogers are delicious! 

They were really easy to make. Other similar recipes tell you to put the dough in the fridge a few hours to firm so its easier to work with but I didn't. I just whooped up a batch and stuck them in the oven. The dough didn't know it was not cold. [smh]. I mean after all, the ingredients had just been in the fridge for days.

Now I’d love to share this spicy little recipe with you. Here it is...

Cheese Pumpkins
1 Cup plain flour
1 Stick butter (softened)
1 Block (1/2lbs) Sharp Cheddar Cheese (Grated)
1/2 teaspoon Cayenne Pepper
1/4 teaspoon Salt

Preheat oven to 350
Mix flour and butter, then add cheese and seasoning. Mix well.(use your hands).
Pinch off about 2 inch balls and place on ungreased cooking sheet. 
Use a spoon or your thumb and slightly mash each one and place a pecan piece in the center. 
Bake for about 20 minutes or until set.
[Makes about 60].

Here are a few options. 

1. You don't have to make pumpkins. You can just make wafers by pressing each ball with a fork and laying a pecan on top.
2. You can also mix chopped pecans in the dough. (I'm going to do this next time because I love the taste of the toasted pecan). 
3. You can also make in the shape of sticks then you have the famous cheese straws.

To me, they taste sort of like sausage balls without the sausage but the cayenne pepper makes up for that. wowza! These will be great for fall festivals, Halloween parties and more. 



Beach Birthday and LuLu's

We finally got in our last beach trip for the year. We fought two hurricanes to get there. One knocked us out completely in September and then this last one (Michael), held us back a day. I hate winterizing the camper. It means no more trips til Spring. Nick says we can still go if we want too. We would just have to winterize it again in case of a cold snap, but we never do. We will probably not take another trip down until March.

First something funny/cute I saw:.
I kid you not. As we were walking down the beach we approached an oxygen bag sitting on the sand, there was a very long oxygen tube that was running down to the surf to a lady with her feet in the water. I thought "now that's some beach loving dedication". I wish I'd had my camera at the time.

While we were there we celebrated Nicks birthday. He turned 59! Isn't that wonderful? Our plan was to grow old together and here we are living the dream. haha.

For his birthday dinner we visited a new place at Barefoot Landing called Lulu's. This place is owned by Lucy Buffett. Jimmy Buffett's Sister (I heard).
This was a neat place that included a gift store, indoor and outdoor eating, a sand playground outback for kids, a live band and a bar.

We requested seating on the patio. We loved the atmosphere of sitting out by the water way. The sun setting in the back ground made it a beautiful night to dine.

Nick ordered the blackened fish tacos and I order crab toast. It was a mixture of melted cheese and crab meat baked open face on a french bread with a side of fries.

I also ordered a mudslide drink to try. We laughed because of the cost, we figured it would come in a fancy glass topped with whip cream dripping down the sides. But no. It was more like a frosty in a LuLu Cup. It was good though.

My review of this place? Well, I thought it was rather pricey to be served on plastic and paper plates, with plastic cups. They had a roll of paper towels on the tables and tub of silverware you help yourself. The food was just OK. Nothing special. The over all dining experience was nice. We enjoyed watching the boats and listening to the live band. We liked it enough to try again but it will not be one of our first choices.