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SnickerDoodle Bread

Whens a better time to enjoy the sweetness of cinnamon bread other than in the Fall? Well, anytime actually. I love cinnamon bread. One of my favorite breakfasts growing up was heavily buttered toast with a cinnamon/sugar mix layered on top. I have always loved cinnamon.

When I came across this recipe for Snicker Doodle Bread, I could not resist the temptation. I figured I could just make some mini loafs and give them away leaving us with only a mini loaf to enjoy. Unfortunately, it did not turn out that way. I could not find any mini loaf pans so I used two regular loaf pans.

My daddy loves all things sweet and I haven't made him anything in a while so I decided I would give him one of the loafs. Me and Nick ended up eating half of the other one. I did well with my portion control and only had a small piece with my egg two mornings and a small slice for a snack one night.

Since I have been dieting, I still love sweet things but can not take a lot of it. Sweet to me now is "very sweet".  That's a good thing, right?

This bread was so easy to make and very delicious and my house had the aroma of warm cinnamon for two days.

I tweaked the recipe some by accident because I did not have enough white sugar and forgot to add an egg and it turned out perfect anyway. But you can find a link to the original recipe at the bottom of this post if you do not like how mine looks.

Here goes....


Preheat oven 350 degrees
Grease 2 loaf pans (I used cooking spray)

With electric beaters, cream together:
1 Cup- Butter (softened)
1 Cup- Sugar
1/2 Cup- Brown Sugar
1/2 Teaspoon- Salt
2 Teaspoons- Ground Cinnamon

Mix in:
2- Eggs
1 Teaspoon- Vanilla Extract
3/4 Cup- Sour Cream

Then slowly add:
2 1/2 Cups- All Purpose Flour
2 Teaspoons- Baking Powder
(batter will be thick)

Fold in:
1 Cup- Mini Chocolate Chips (optional)

Pour batter in loaf pans about 3/4 full and top with Cinnamon/ Sugar Mixture:
3 Tablespoons- Sugar
3 Teaspoons- Ground Cinnamon

Bake for 60 minutes or until done (Test with tooth pick or cake tester).
Allow to cool some before removing from pans and serving.


I thought this bread was better after it cooled. I also think it will be just as tasty without the chocolate chips. (You can just have them on the side.)


Original and printable recipe can be found at


I’m trying to add some new clothes to my Fall/Winter wear.

While doing a little bargain shopping on the clearance racks at Belks department store, I came across this over sized triple ruffle bell sleeve sweat shirt. Boy that's a mouth full, huh? I tried it on over my tshirt just to see how the sleeves felt. I wasn't real sure about it so I snapped a picture and sent it to my fashion expert (AKAdaughter). She wrote back to tell me that it looked a little bulky but it was ok. So I took her word and put it back on the rack. 

(Sorry for the poor quality photos. I think my iPhone lens was dirty or something. Doooough)

I continued to shop but I could not get that crazy sleeve shirt off my mind and it was less than 10.00 so I figured what the heck. I’m getting it. 
I thought it looked fun and would be great for the cold days in Winter. It’s now hanging in my closet ready to wear if we ever get any cold weather. It’s the middle of October and temperatures are still in the 70's and 80's.

Similar shirt style:  True Bliss Boutique

I walked over to another rack and found another ruffled sleeve shirt on sale. I knew I wanted this one before I even tried it on. I love white shirts and the ruffles and lace added an extra flare to make this shirt fun. I can dress it up with a skirt or wear it with my jeans. 

I had no idea it suppose to tie in the front until I googled the link for it and saw the model wearing it in a knot. 

The next time I wore it, I tried tying it on the front but something about the buttons made it stick out like I was hiding a puppy under there, so I need to work with it and get it figured out. Two ways to wear a shirt is always fun. I also adore the the quarter length sleeves. This makes it comfortable at work while typing and hassle free at the dinner table.

Shop for this shirt: Belks.com