Cook an Acorn Squash with Me.

I have blogged about acorn squash before, but lately I have been hooked on these little things. They are rather easy to prepare, healthy and delicious.

Though they are called squash, I believe they tastes more between a sweet potato and pumpkin. Acorn squash can be peeled and cut into cubes or mashed. I choose to eat them right out of the shell. There is just something fun about eating out of the natural bowl. 

Acorn squash are only 56 calories, 5% carbs, zero cholesterol and zero fat. They are full of potassium, magnesium and vitamin C.

Ok, so get your squash and wash it. 

Cut the squash in half and scoop out the seeds like you do when you cut open a cantaloupe. (This is the hardest part) some of the squash seem to be easier to cut that others. 

In a small glass. Combine butter, cinnamon and brown sugar and melt it all together and brush the entire inside of the squash until coated. You can cook it without any of this but I love all the flavors together. 

Go ahead and sop on as much as you want. You can’t have to much.

Now place in air fryer for 20 minutes at 390 degrees. 

Just look at that goodness. You know its ready when it’s soft and a fork will pierce it easily. 

You can enjoy it as it i, but I love adding some yogurt, nuts and honey. All of these flavors blend good together to create the perfect snack, small meal or enjoyed as a side. 

I only eat half at a time, so I just put the other half in the refrigerator until I am ready to cook it. 

When I want to take it to work, I will cook it in the morning while I’m getting dressed and throw it in a bowl to reheat later. Cooked acorn squash heats up well without messing up the flavor. 

Have you ever had acorn squash? If so, how do you prepare yours?  

Don’t Take My Plate

It seems like the older I get, the more things get on my nerves. Things used to bother me but I could easily over look it or have a different response. I can still control myself but I am probably only about two years away from being vocal.

One of these things is when I am at a restaurant and the waitress comes along and ask if I’m done with my plate. I used to look up with a smile and simply say yes or no. Now I just look at them with a straight face and say no. 

Tonight my waitress was heading to the table. I had put my fork down for a moment and she wanted to know if I was finished. No. I still had half a plate full. 

Even if I am finished with my meal, if there is a little bit of gravy left on that plate, I’m keeping it close to me until I throw in the napkin. Sometimes me or Nick will be finished, but will sometimes dip into each others plate to taste. Sometimes there is that extra chip waiting to dip that last little bit of cheese left on the plate. You get what Im saying?

If I want my plate taken away (and sometimes I do), then I will let you know.  Taking my plate can make those left still eating feel like they are eating alone and cause them to rush while making me look like a food vacuum. 

So, please don’t take my plate. It’s rude.