Egg Roll In A Bowl

If you like egg rolls, you are going to like this recipe I am fixing to show you.

People who do not venture out and try Asian foods think egg rolls are made out of eggs. This is false. Egg Rolls are a deep fried appetizer stuffed with cabbage and meat then dipped in a sweet or spicy sauce. But why are they called egg rolls when they do not contain eggs? It is assumed that it came from a cookbook in 1917 called “Dan Gun” which translates to “Egg Roll” but there are other guesses too. 

I love egg rolls but wanted to make a healthier low carb option, so I made what’s called “EggRoll in a bowl”.
It consist of all the goodies of an egg roll without the egg roll wrapper or deep fried oils.

It can be made with any kind of chopped  meat but I chose to us Hot Jimmy Dean pork sausage. It was full of flavor with a little kick.

We did not eat this for dinner. We had soup and salad instead. But I wanted to make a batch of this stuff so I would have something take to work for my lunch a couple days. I have a mini Crock Pot Lunch Warmer  on my desk that I place it in, plug it up and by lunch time It will be hot and ready to eat. I think it taste better heated up the next day.

Egg Roll in a Bowl

1 pound ground sausage (or other meat of choice).
7 cups coleslaw mix
2 tbsp low sodium soy sauce
1 tsp garlic powder
1/2 cup green onions

Cook sausage stirring and crumbling until cooked through. 
Stir in Coleslaw mix, garlic, onions, soy sauce, and stir. 

Top with wonton strips and drizzle with more soy sauce or sweet and sour sauce. (Optional).

This has become one of my favorite quick meals and so easy to put together. My husband likes it but he tries to stay away from pork sausage. I will have to try a different kind of meat sometime. 

Do you like egg rolls? You can actually put anything in an egg roll and make it delicious. 

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Just Peachy

My parents have a peach tree that produced a lot of peaches this past summer. I took home a lot of them. We grilled some, we made peach salsa and some peach jelly. They were sweet and tart. 

At summers end, I decided to preserve a peach seed from one of my peaches and attempt to grow a new peach tree. Will it work? Well see.

I did some reading on the internet to learn a little bit about how to grow a peach tree. It sounded like a lot of work but it wasn’t so bad. I just have to give it room and let nature take it’s course. 

August- I placed a seed in a sealed baggie and placed it in my refrigerator. It needed a three to four month cold treatment to allow the embryo to develop and mature. I had to make sure to keep it away from other foods as peach seeds emit ethylene gas. Yes, peach seeds are poison. So are plums, cherries, apricots and nectarines. The seeds in these fruits contain cyanid compounds. If you swallow a seed you will be ok but they are poisonous when they are ground or crushed. 

November- I took the seed out of the refrigerator and carefully used a hammer and popped open the hull to reveal a tiny seed that looked like an almond. 

I placed the seed in another baggie along with some dirt. I just sealed it up and sat it in the window seal. After a couple weeks, I checked on it and was surprised to find a tiny peach tree! 

Just look at that! Isn’t it cute?

December- I removed it from the little baggie of dirt and planted it in a cup. Six days later it seems to be growing with a little help from a grow light. 

This red cup photo was taken on December 24th. On January 1st, it has grown even more!

Man! It is growing fast! I knew it would grow out of this red cup soon so I prepared a five gallon grow bag planter for a more permanent grow space.
I have to let it grow indoors until there is no threat of frost then I will be able to plant it in the yard in early spring. 

January- It loves the grow bag and has already grown a total of six inches tall in just one month. 

I have it placed at the back patio door where it can get some natural light through the blinds and on rainy days, I will plug in the little grow light. It’s fun to watch it lean back and forth and wiggle itself towards the light. I hope It will hang in there until I can plant it hopefully in March. My husband is going to find a spot in the back yard that will be easy for him to mow around come summer. 

I will be sure to give you an update when I have it planted in the yard. It will take an average of two years for it to start producing fruit but I’m not rushing it. Like I said “Nature will take its course”.

Aint that just peachy?