One Tomato Two Tomato

Growing up my mom always made our eggs either scrambled or with a moon on it. “With a moon on it” was when the egg was cooked well all except the yellow, and then I would sop my toast in the runny yellow. I liked it also with ruffles. That is when the edges were fried to a crisp. It was the best. I think most would call that “Sunny side up” (or was it “over easy”?) I do not know the difference, so still at 52 years old, I call it “an egg with a moon on it”. To avoid the embarrassment, I usually will not order an egg in a restaurant, and if I do I just get it scrambled to save explaining that I want an egg with a moon on it and ruffles. 

One way I have never eaten an egg is called “Egg Benedict”. I always pictured it being a half raw. My daughter has convinced me that is is not raw and that they are really good and I would like it. So here we go.

I visited her in Charlotte this weekend for “brunch”. She had been wanting to try this place call  Ruby Sunshine. They specialize in egg Benedict. So if I wanted to try my first one, I wanted it to be in a good place that knows what they are doing. This place was so popular that we had to wait 2 hours to be seated. Our patience were running short but we decided to wait. We got there at 9:45and it was 11:45 by the time they seated us. I was no longer wanting eggs. I wanted a hamburger. But I stuck to brunch and ordered the egg Benedict. 

They had different recipes to choose from so I chose the “One tomato, two tomato”. It had two slices of tomato on a biscuit. One piece was a fried green tomato and one was a grilled red tomato. On top of that was the egg and hollandaise sauce. Come to find out that egg Benedict was basically just a poached egg. Which I never had either. 

What did I think? It still wasn’t as cooked as I like it but it was delicious. I loved it. Was it worth a two hour wait? Maybe, but nothing is really worth a two hour wait when your hungry. 

How do you like your eggs? Have you ever had Egg Benedict? 

I’m Back

Wow, it’s been a month since my last post. To be honest, I have been a little slack on reading blog post from others too. I will jump on here in the morings and skim through blogs I follow but not leaving comments. 

I guess you can say I took a blogging break. With my new job, I have to be at work in the mornings at 8 instead of 9 like I have always been used to. The mornings are when I like to read other blog post but my mornings seem to be getting shorter. Maybe I need to set my alarm to get me up earlier. When I settle down in the afternoons is when I like to relax and write my own blog post, but the afternoons seem shorter too. I just can’t seem to find time to relax and get into the writing zone. 

So what have I been doing with my time?
I spend way to much time on Face book and Instagram. I need to stay away from social media. It will literally suck the life right out of ya. 
I will get to reading and watching videos on social media and before I realize it, and hour has gone by. 
On the weekends, Nick always seems to have to work leaving me to entertain myself. I will usually go shopping or clean the house. 
I have also been trying out a new craft of macrame and still doing a little bit of crocheting. 

Im back now. 
I plan to stay off social media so much and prioritize my chores and errands and start back blogging regularly again. I hope you continue to follow. Remember, if you read my post, drop a comment. It helps a blogger stay motivated to keep blogging when we know someone is reading.