Pirate Cat

My sister owns several cats. She is what you call a “Cat lady”. Not me. I love cats but I do not have any. If I did, I would only own one. I just don’t like the idea of cat hair on my bed and furniture. Cats like to jump on counter tops and tables too and that would drive me crazy. 

One of her cats had an eye infection when it was younger and caused it to lose an eye. She often takes photos of her kitties because she just loves them and likes to show them off. After I seen this poor one eyed cat in several photos, I sent her a text and said “that cat needs an eye patch”. It’s blind eye just looked weird and I hated seeing it. 

So I had her send me the measurements of its head and I got to work. I took some black yarn from my stash and began crocheting it a little eye patch. After a couple attempts, I figured out the shape and size that would work. 

I mailed her the patch and once it was delivered, she tried it on her one eyed cat. A little while later, I received this photo on my phone.

I think it looks better now and I called it the “Pirate Cat”. 

I did not use a pattern for this eye patch. I just guessed at it. 

Our Valentines Day

We had a nice little Valentines Day. It was Sunday and neither one of us had to work. We decided to stay in bed longer than usual soaking up every little moment together with no alarm clock telling us to get up and get going.

Once we decided to get up, we grabbed a cup of coffee and a little breakfast. We each had sneaked a Valentine Card in each others seat at the table. 
After breakfast we sat around and discused what we were going to do today. “Well its too late now to get ready for church”. So neither one of us went. 
We decided to call up our daughter and ask her if she would like to meet us in Belmont for a Valentine lunch. She was exited and of course said yes.

We let her chose the place as we are always indecisive. She said she always wanted to try this little place called Jekyll & Hyde Taphouse and Grill. 
I felt funny going to a taphouse on Sunday. Daddy might would shame me. But thats where we ended up and it was delicious. 

We ordered off the “Brunch” menu. We placed our order and looked around while we waited. Nick said “This place used to be an old Ford Dealership”. They used a lot of the remains as decorations. He admired the surroundings and said “I could live in a place like this”. It was really cool how they remodeled the inside while keeping a lot of the character. 

Our food arrived. Me and my daughter ordered the Chicken biscuit with pimento cheese and pepper jelly. I had a side of fruit and she had tater tots. Nick ordered a chicken and bacon biscuit with a side of pancake. There was so many good looking foods on the menu it was hard to choose. 

For Valentines dinner, we had waited too late to get any reservations at any fancy place and all the steak houses had over an hour wait. We ended up at Sammy’s in the little town of Dallas. While we were there, I was able to show Nick where I now work. He didn’t know exactly where it was. Now he does. It was just a block away from where we ate. You could see it from the window. 

It was a nice day and I didn’t want it to end. I love spending all the time I can with my man. But work came early the next day.