Weird Finding

I am once again at the beach. We love it here. Since this is were we keep our 2nd home, we do not go many other places. We have talked about getting a smaller camper to tote along for weekend trips to the mountains or local camps, but for now, we always head to the coast. We can stay a whole week here for the price that most people spend on 3 nights in a hotel. Camping is the best and you always have your own bed and toilet.

Yesterday when we arrived at the campground, it was raining so we decided to go out for lunch and wait it out. It is hard to set the camper up on the outside while its pouring rain. The rain had stopped by the time we finished lunch and we were set. 

Once we got unpacked and the camper leveled and hooked up, we headed out for a walk on the beach.. I was sure I would be able to find some good shells since we just had a hurricane hit two days ago, but oddly, there were very few sea shells on the sand. As we walked further up near the dunes, I spotted a weird looking thing. Nick said he always called it a sea snake skeleton, so I took a photo. Once I was back to the camper,  I googled it. 

Come to learn, this is not a sea snake. It is actually Whelk egg casing. Whelks are sea snells that live inside conk shells. The will lay their eggs in the ocean and the babies will hatch through holes in the coil. Then the egg casing will end up washed up on shore like this one. There were also two little (dead) crabs laying next to it. Not sure about the story on those. 

Below is a photo I found when I looked it up on the internet. Pretty cool huh?

This morning we slept in as we listened to thunderstorms in the distance. Looks like we will be fighting against pop up storms through out the day. That is pretty normal around here. I just finished breakfast of oatmeal and eggs and now we are heading out for a walk. Today is going to be a good day. 


There seems to be a lot of controversy about wearing mask. Some people are so afraid of catching covid, they will wear them in their own homes. Some people will half way wear them and then some refuse to wear them at all. I see people arguing with others about their choice all day long and it is ridiculous. 

If you want my opinion, I do not believe the mask work in preventing the spread of this virus. They could eliminate some germs from others but I still believe social distancing and washing your hands and surfaces are the best remedy. I feel like the mask mandate is a way the government is trying to control us. But thats just me. 

I actually have my mask with me everywhere I go. If I have to wear it to get in the door, so be it. I will put it on not to cause any controversy. Usually once I am in the store I will drop the mask off one ear and carry on with my shopping. It’s my right. However, if I am in an area of the store where several people are around me, I will simply put my mask back on out of respect. I do respect others concerns for their own health. If I unfortunately catch the virus, I will stay at home and hope and pray I get though it. 

Why has no one wanted to wear a mask during flu season? Again, during flu season I take extra precautions on touching my face and keeping my hands washed. But still, why not a mask? 

No matter what someone chooses to do, why is it anyone else business? Why do you feel its your place to scold those for not wearing a mask or to make fun of those that choose to wear a mask? I see this happening every day on social media. If you are afraid to be around someone not wearing a mask, simply avoid them. If someone chooses to wear a mask, respect their decision. 

Speaking of mask, check out this hand made card I created for my Etsy shop the other day. Cute huh?