Crochet Change Purses.

It’s crochet season! This is one of my favorite pass time activities, especially on a rainy day or while I’m settling in for the day relaxed in my recliner watching TV.

The other day as I was cleaning out my yarn basket and noticed I had a yarn stash of small pieces that were not enough to make anything bigger than my hand. Instead of throwing them away, I decided to crochet some tiny change purses. I also made use of my little purse frames I had collected for another project that never worked out. 

These are perfect to keep a little spare change in. I remember when I was teenager, it was a rule to always keep a quarter in your pocket in case you need to make an emergency call. Now days you need a cell phone a lot more than a quarter to get any help. 

I love how these little purses turned out. They can also be used as little pill boxes or even slid under a child’s pillow for the tooth fairy visit. 

If you crochet, they are easy to make. Sewing them on the frame is the hardest part. I’m not good at writing crochet patterns, but basically it’s a single stitch in the rounds. Increase your rounds until you have the circumference of the open purse frame. Then you continue in the round without increasing until you have the depth you want. Then sew it on the frame using a strong thread. 

That's it. It will take its shape once the sewing in complete.  

If you do not crochet and would like one of these tiny purses, they can be found in my Etsy Shop with Free shipping. 

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Halloween at the Campground

We are spending some time at the beach. The weather has been nice. The sun has been shining bright each day with temperatures ranging from 75 to 85 degrees. I have done a lot of walking along with lots of relaxing. The crowd at the beach this time of year is at a minimum and that makes it nice when we go out.

The campground was pretty full this past weekend. People flocked in with their RVs and campers to enjoy the Halloween festivities here. On Friday night, the campground hosted a pet costume contest along with food and drinks by the new Tiki bar. We walked up to see the pet costumes and met a couple new friends. The funnel cake stand was a hit as well. 

Saturday was also a big night at the clubs around the area with costume contest and drink specials. We are not big fans of the club life so we opt to stay in the campground for the night. There was a kids costume contest, trick or treating, special music, and judging of the best decorated camp site. 
We did not decorate our campsite other than a little pumpkin on my picnic table. 

We walked around viewing all the campers decked out for Halloween and tricks for the kids. I’m gonna end the post with a few photos of some of my favorites from Halloween at the campground. Enjoy.

Hope everyone has a safe an happy Halloween!