Thrifty Fashion- Camouflaged Deal

I am a broke girl and not ashamed to admit that I will be the first to make a bee line to the back of a store and hit the clearance racks. I will also be the first to admit that I will shop for clothes at a 2nd hand store in a heart beat. I look for new or almost new items that can be easily washed and dried. For the record, I will NOT buy shoes or undies at a 2nd hand store. 

(I may have told this story before) 
A few months back, Nick and I decided to go look around our local Goodwill thrift store. I was ready to leave when I looked across the store and saw him holding up a pair of camo pants. I laughed and shook my head "no". I am not much of a camo wearing girl. He motioned for me to come closer. 
The pants had never been worn and still had the price tag on them! I had to take a 2nd look at that price tag.

That's when I decided, "ok, I can be a girl that rocks the camouflage". 
These pants were two sizes too big but I could not turn down a deal like this. I purchased them for only $3.99! After I washed them in warm water to makes sure of any shrinkage, I took them to my mom and she altered them to fit me. 

These pants are cropped with zippers on the ankles to give them a style that can be worn different ways. The material is thick, yet cool so they can be worn in any season with at tank top or sweater. 

They are sold with the distressed look and the more they are washed the better. I also love the cargo pockets so when I have to make a quick trip to the store or salon, I can just toss my phone and some change in my pockets and go.

Now I'm thinking every girl should own at least one pair of camouflage pants. What do you think? 

Style brands:

Cargo Camouflage Pants: Current/Elliott
1/4 Sleeve Onesie: Gap
Tan Wedges:  New York & Co.
Crochet Earrings: LiLiDi on Etsy
Hat: GPD

Flowers on a Rainy Day

We have had our share of rain here lately. I’m not going to complain though. We needed it. My favorite rains are the afternoon thunderstorms after a hot sunny day and I love hearing rain or thunder at night while I sleep. The past few days have been rainy during the time we like to do our walk. One afternoon when we saw the rain had stopped, we threw on our walking shoes and took our chances on getting our walk completed.

Just when we had only a block left to go, the rain began to fall again. We just kept walking but decided to take a short cut home. The short cut lead us over a small bridge that stretches over a ditch between our yard and the neighbors yard. This also led us to the back door instead of the front. I’m glad we came in that way because that is when I noticed my sunflower, I planted a few weeks ago, had opened into a beautiful sunshine flower.

I have been keeping an eye on it every day, but as of earlier in the afternoon, It had not opened yet. 
Despite the rain, I had to pull out my phone and snap a photo. It contrasted well with the cloudy sky. 

Once we got inside and cleaned up, we headed back out to by brother in laws house to check on things while they were out of town. He had a lot of beautiful Hydrangeas in his front yard begging for my attention. So, Nick handed me his pocket knife and I cut a few. I’m sure my brother in law wouldn’t mind. You can’t even tell I stole cut any.

I love how they look in my vintage tea can. I placed a plastic container inside the square can to hold water. 

I had a few left over and used a glass vase to put them in. I wanted the Hydrangeas while they were in this ivory color. They also have a greenish tint that the camera really reflected on. They will eventually turn blue. 

Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers but my most favorite flowers are wild Daisies. 

What are your favorite flowers?