Greetings From Florida

I made it to Florida safe. It was a nice air ride and yes I did fly over the ocean! I was thrilled. Here is a cloud view of the coast. 

Back up a minute......I got a pat down going through security because something in my breast area set off a signal for them to do a search. It was ok and the lady was super nice and explained what and how she would perform the search. Then she wipped my hands with a strip of something and put it in a machine while I waited. I asked her what was that about...Well, I wish I wouldn't have because she said loudly..”It’s to test you for explosives”. I just about died right there as everyone turned to look. I was free to go and on the plane I went. Hahaha, had to share that story. Yes I’m new at all this. 

Landing was a little bruttle on my ears and head, but once I was off the plane I was fine. No vertigo. Yay!

Once I landed I grabbed my things and headed out into the Orlando airport like a Super Hero. Wonder Woman as a matter of fact. I wondered where the heck I was. I took a left instead of a right and ended up on the other side of the airport. My driver was calling me wondering where I was. I had to keep saying, “I’m lost but I’ll get there eventually”. That airport was sooo busy, big and crowded. I was overwhelmed. After asking every info station where to go, I finally found my ride. 
I dread now going back. I hope it’s a little easier. 

My hotel sits right under the farris wheel “Eye of Orlando”. 

I had the whole day free when I got here so me and another girl took a trip to Target to get some drinks and things. Later that day we met up with another girl from our group and we all had a nice dinner. I ordered a Califorina Roll. I don't know about you, but where I live, our sushi rolls are, well, rolls cut into slices. This was different but so delicious!!

The sleep night was nice and calm as I could hear arguing next door and slamming doors til 4 in the morning. Nice huh? Luckily, I only have a fitting to do today at 3 then I guess I have the rest of the day free again. We will probably do a group dinner tonight. 
So far, I have enjoyed sitting around the pool and working out a little in the gym. My shoot will start tomorrow and finish up on Tuesday then I’m heading home late Tuesday night. I sure am missing my man! 

In The Air

By the time you read this I will be in the air on a plane, by myself. When I seen the flight route, and seen that it possibly could be flying briefly along the coast line, I went online and changed my given isle seat in the back of the plane to a left side window seat in the center of the plane.  Ok, yea, it doesn't take much to thrill me.

Two years ago I went to Tampa. That trip was a bit harder as it was the first time in 23 years that I had ever been away from my husband over night. It was also the first time I had ever been on a plane! I thought is was a once in a life time opportunity so I took it. Other than missing my husband like the dickens, I enjoyed my trip. 

Well guess what? I got an invite to fly to Orlando this time to do another photo/commercial shoot this weekend. I was a bit quicker to accept the invitation this time since it was a shorter stay and I had done it before just fine.

The only thing I’m hating about this trip is being away from Nick again. A part of me says “stay”. Then another part of me says “go”. It gives me a chance to shine, get away from work and visit a place I have never been that I would never get to do otherwise. I really wish he would go with me but he will not fly and an 8 hour road trip was out of the question.

I look over my shoulder, and hope all the way until take off ,that he will surprise me by turning the car around and jumping on the plane. That only happens in the movies I reckon. I really hope if he ever gets the opportunity to take a free trip somewhere, he would go. 

Nick has been the best at making sure I have everything I need for the trip. He made sure I had a new iPhone because mine was going bad and he took me shopping last weekend. He ended up walking 5 miles around the mall while I shopped. He never complained. I know he really doesn't want me to go not matter how much he tries to hide it. 

I think he worries about me. I have Meneire’s / Tinnitus (inner ear problems). When It flares up, I get dizzy, loose my hearing in one ear, and can have sudden, unexpected episodes of vertigo. It comes and goes. I can go weeks at a time between flare ups. Well, guess what?.... It decides to flare up this week and so far through today. I just pray I do not get vertigo because It hits so hard and violent that a stranger would probably call an ambulance and that will be unnecessary, expensive and embarrassing. 
I just hope I do ok.  The plane ride can either help or hurt. I'm taking my chances here. Well, see. ......

Stay tuned, I’ll blog more when I get on the ground. For now, I'm going on airplane mode.