Meet Loui.

Loui lives in my window shutters. Every year he comes out of hiding and spends the summers working for me. 
He is my bug catcher. 

I had a little scare this Winter. I saw a cold stiff lizard in my carport. It was around the same time I read about lizards dropping from trees in the cooler temperatures as if they were dead, but not really. I even read on The ShipsLog (I think) where he warmed a lizard up and got it mobile again. Maybe he can confirm that in his comment.  

So what did I do? Promise not to laugh? 
Well, I actually warmed an old wash cloth in the dryer, went outside and picked up the stiff lizard, wrapped in the warm rag and put him in a safe place under the carport. I was hoping it would come back alive.

It never did. After a week, I placed him in a little sandwich bag and threw him in the trash just in time for the trash man to dump him in the big truck and off they went. I was sad. I thought it was Loui. 

I got a text the other day. Nick said “Loui is back!”. I was so excited. 

I’m still not sure if the dead one was the original Loui or his brother but they all are named Loui so I guess it don’t matter.

When I come home from work, I walk up to the window and say “Loui Loui” and the little guy will actually leave his work station and walk down close to meet me as he lets out a big yawn. He is not shy. 

I’m sure the neighbors think I'm a crazy woman. From their view, it looks like I’m standing there talking to the bricks. So, I now go inside and open the window and we talk through the screen. 

Easter Run Down

Saturday my daughter came home to spend Easter. We spent the morning doing a little shopping until the crowds started getting on our nerves and we ended up coming back home. Nick took us up town for some ice cream and coffee. Yep. I had ice cream and she had both. Seriously, even the jingling ice cream trucks around here sell ice cream and coffee. I find it weird, but whatever.

After ice cream we met up with a neighbor and purchased some fresh eggs from her lovely hens. I just love how they look in this vintage basket that mom gave me last week. Just look how colorful they are by nature.

Me and my daughter dyed eggs later. I boiled some regular store bought ones and some of the fresh ones. I decorated a few of the fresh ones and she dyed the white ones using the dyed rice method. Its so easy. You just drop some food coloring in a small bag of rice and shake the egg around to create a unique look. 

While I made a cake with the some of the fresh eggs and will eat some of the eggs for breakfasts. While I made a cake, my daughter made some marshmallow Easter fluff. The recipe can be found HERE.

Sunday morning it was rise and shine at 6 am to make it to church in time for sunrise service on the church lawn. This is one of our favorite things to do on Easter. After the service we all headed into the fellowship hall for a hot breakfast that included biscuits, gravy, eggs, bacon and grits. My oh my was it good! My mom and dad made the breakfast so that made it even more better. I love my moms gravy. She makes it dark and so thick that a spoon will stand in it. 
When we came home from church, My daughter had an Easter basket waiting for her. Did I mention shes 26? I mean, your never to old for an Easter basket are you? She also surprised us with our own basket full of goodies. 

After a short rest, we put on our Easter outfits and headed out to regular church services .

We did not do our usual Easter dinner with Nicks side of the family. Instead, we headed to my moms house where my Sister in law created a large delicious meal. It was a change from the normal but it was great to spend time with family. 

Now it’s late and I'm typing this blog with one eye open as I’m about to fall asleep. (or coming off a sugar high). So excuse the rambling. 
It’s back to work tomorrow and the morning will come quick. 

Happy Easter!