Gift Tagging

Guess what? I think I'm done with my Christmas shopping. This is a first for me. I usually have it done a week before Christmas, but not three weeks before Christmas. I actually had most of it finished before December 1st.
I knew what I was going to buy and went for it. Some things I purchased from the comfort of my home by shopping on line. This is always scary to me. I get anxious for my items to show up at the door. In fact there are three items currently on a shipping truck right now and are late getting to me. The sellers have assured me not to worry. 

Sunday I had some time on my hands so I decided to wrap some of the presents. I grabbed my dollar store wrapping paper, scissors....
Wait..I do not have any gift tags. 
I was getting frustrated because I was ready to begin the dreaded wrapping. Yes I hate wrapping presents. At this point I was ready to cut little strips of paper for name tags. Then the idea hit me.
I have some card stock paper, a desktop computer and a printer. I’ll just find some templates and print my own. 

It took me all of 10 minutes to search, print and cut. Now I have some cute tags for my gifts. I opt for the larger kind that will hang instead of laying flat on the paper hidden under the bow. 

Bows.... crap, I need bows. 
I found a few smashed to peices in the craft closet. Those will have to do.
I’m pretty sure my little three year old nephew and a six year old neice could care less how a bow looks. 

I like how my homemade tags turned out. The natural look goes well with my choice of wrapping paper. 
Speaking of wrapping paper. I chose some with a cabin like feel to them. The gingham check print is my favorite.

Now I can sit back and enjoy the Christmas season without worrying about the rush. We can watch Christmas movies while sipping hot chocolate, take a trip through Christmas lights, attend Christmas gatherings and do some baking. 
Heck, We may go to the mall just to get in other peoples way. Ha. 

Thrifty Finds

Ok guys I’m trying something different here after reading a post on Jimmys blog Here

I’m typing from my iPad notepad and then I’m gonna copy and paste to my blogger once it’s edited. However, I still will not guarantee there will not be lots of mistakes. I failed that class in school. Every year!  Yep, I’m no English major, journalist, writer, teacher or genius. Just a random low educated blogger writing about stuff as it comes along.

Today I’m going to share with you some my latest thrifty finds. I’m so excited about them all. I love finding a bargain. I’m not ashamed to shop at thrift stores, yard sales and clearance racks.  

Ok here goes..Me and my husband were looking around a local church thrift store just for fun when I came across this cute little Hausenware creamer for fifty cent.


I do not know its value or if it even has any but I loved the white farmhouse look. I could not find the matching sugar bowl, but hey that gives me something else to search for. I also grabbed an adorable, new with tags, Christmas print tea towel for a nickel. I’m a tea towel junkie. 

My husband went out for an early morning walk while I stayed in drinking my hot coffee in fuzzy slippers. I get a text with a photo of a set of adorable night stands he seen at a yard sale.

We needed a pair. 

I probably would have never chose these from the Target store for 80.00 each but he asked if i’d like to buy them as these were only 5.00 each? I could not jump in my car fast enough. I was there before he got his phone back into his pocket. They are light powder blue, never used and less than a year old. I washed them down and they now sit on each side of our bed. We will paint them later. And I'm still in my slippers. 

The other night we were were bored so we went to look around the Goodwill store since I had a couple dollars in my pocket. My husband pointed out a pair of camo pants to me. I snarled my nose as I never wished for a pair of camo pants. Then He showed me the original price tag still on them. 


“Let me try those on!” I said. They were too big, but for 3.99, I bought them anyways and will have my mom take them up. Thats not a sale, thats an investment! Now the most expensive pants I’ve ever owned came from the Goodwill. And who knows? I might want to hide in the woods sometime. 


Do you shop thrifty or do you choose upscale stores with premium prices? 

What are odd things you look for in bargin shops? I like searching for Pyrex and Fire king pieces but my husband has to tie my hands to keep me from grabbing them. Just kidding, but he does give me that look of “no more”.