Irma Feeling It

After a night of tossing and turning I awoke as usual. Sneezing and sniffing as my allergies awaken with me. I dragged myself into the kitchen feeling like I only had maybe two hours of sleep. I have a lot on my mind. I worried more than normal last night.

I poured myself a cup of coffee and popped a couple waffles into the toaster. I walked over to the bay window and could see the trees blowing in the wind. I stepped outside and I could feel the cool air and wind as Irma was brewing a couple states below me. She is headed our way later this afternoon but we will not be getting the worst of it. I think we will just have lots of wind and rain.

My daughter was home, so I made a pan of can buscuits for her but I ended up burning them. I forgot I had them in the oven as I don't usually make biscuits anymore. So she opt for waffles too as she pulls her computer up to begin working remote from home today. 

I rushed off to work for a couple hours before I headed back home. Then we all rode up to church. My sister in law lost her battle with cancer last week and today was her funeral. She was only 40. She left behind a loving husband and 4 little boys. My family is heart broken but relived that her 9 month battle is over.

I'm now back at work. Customers are not calling. The air feels eerie as hurricane Irma is moving in. It feels like Fall. I'm concerned about a few blogging friends down in Florida. McWheeler and Dina are in the Tampa Area. Hope they are safe. I'm glad Jack over at Shipslog is here in NC for the time being, but his son is riding the storm out down in Florida. I'm fixing to head to his blog and check on things.  

I pray for all those in the line of this storm. My thoughts are also with the surviors and families of the tragic 9/11 attacks that we will never forget. 

I hope my heart doesn't feel so heavy and my worries turn small as I lay back down to sleep tonight. But first..I better get back to work.

Are You Weight Ready For Fall?

We lost our weight so we could finally enjoy a fun summer of feeling great about ourselves. We flaunted the flat tummy at the beach, and enjoyed thoses shorts and tank top at cookouts.

Summer brought gardens full of fresh veggies and meals were light. We traded ice cream for smoothies and protien bars after a workout. Water was a necessity and we drank it alot due to the heat.

It wasn't easy. We struggled with the scales as we saw our weight shift up and down a couple pounds, but we we managed to keep our weight in that safe range.

But beware. Fall is coming. Are you weight ready? Do you have room to gain a few pounds without gaining to much? Fall will bring cool temperatures and out come the sweat shirts and baggy clothes.

The body we worked so hard for will soon go hidden behind large sweaters and jackets. We could easily lose focus on the body we worked so hard to acheive.

Holidays, ballgames and staying inside more will bring on munchies. It's ok, those big baggy warm clothes will still fit next week and probably all Winter long. Soon spring will come around again and the next thing you know those cute little clothes no longer fit over those cute little muffin tops. 

Strive to keep up healthy eating habits as the temeratures drop and physical activities slow down. Dont stop exercising. When it's too cold to be outside, come up with indoor activities besides lifting a spoon. Enjoy the comfort of food but control the baking. While snacking, stay in the kitchen instead of taking it to the bed or couch. Limit eating in front of the tv, this leads to over eating. Remember portion contol is important.

Opt for the tight jeans when you shop and the spandex leggings when you workout. Dont hide the body you worked so hard to get or you might forget where you put it.