Calm Before The Storm

It's pretty calm right now, but we are expecting some bad weather here in the carolinas come Monday or Tuesday. Though we live 200 miles from the coast, we are in the line of hurricane Irma thats going to make land fall unless she takes a sharp turn back into the Atlantic. 

In 1998 we lived through the devistating hurricane Hugo which made land fall and hit the carolinas like wrecking ball. We were out of power, water and ice for days. Since then, people around here get worried when we see the threat of a hurricane. 

Me and Nick got ahead of the game and took a trip to Walmart on Wednesday night. We picked up a couple cases of water, some staple foods, snacks and instant coffee (because what worst can happen if the power goes out right?). We already have batteries for the flash lights and I grabbed a pack of candles. I love candles anyway so any excuse to get some is a win for me.

The store was calm, there was still bread on the shelves, and plenty of water in stock. I told Nick it was the calm before the storm. I was right. The stores were hit hard on Thursday. People are now having trouble finding the simple necessities such as water and bread. The storm is not here yet and I'm sure the store shelves will be restocked again before the storm hits, but the state is still in a panic. 
Here is what we are expecting where I am.

We have been keeping an eye on this storm as it will wiggle East and West. We are also concerned about our camper stored on the coast of SC (in the orange). 

Latest Update as I type, "Irma just shifted again and we may be out of danger as it moves more West. 

Looks like Florida will get the worst of it. Hotels have waived pet bans and airlines have cut flight prices.
So if your in the red, get out or hunker down

Prayers for everyone in the path of this storm.


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Kitten Rescue

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day. We did not do anything special. I had to work. However, the boss did allow me to leave early if I wished. So I completed the important stuff and was out quicker than a fat kid in a dodge ball game.

As I was getting into my car I heard a loud kitten sound. I stopped and listened for a minute just to make sure I wasn't hearing a squirrel in distress. The cry was consistant and loud. "But where is it coming from?" I thought. That's when my attention was drawn to a storm drain on the side of the road across from the parking lot.

I skipped across the road making sure no traffic was coming. The cries got louder. I got down on my knees and peered through the leafy garbage piled on top of the grait. 

Looking back at me was a cute little white kitten. It looked so excited to see me. It would climb up the wall of the drain as far as it could, then flip back to the bottom. It was rather pitiful. Thats when I began talking to it as if it understood me. "Hang on little buddy and ill get you out somehow". 

I reached down as far as I could and the kitten climbed as high as it could. It latched on to four of my fingers as I slowly scooped her to the top and brough her out. She was someones missing pet as she was wearing a tiny flea collar. I'm guessing she was around 6 to 8 weeks old. There are no houses in this industrial park so she may have wondered a good distance.

I immediatly cupped the kitten in my hands as I brought her close to my chest. It fell limp and looked up at me as it purred. She was ok. Just tired. I brought her into the office and cut her little flea collar off just incase I had to let her go stray again. I didnt want her out growing it and choke. 

I offered a free kitten to anyone who would be interested. I could not take her and we are not ready to house an office cat. No one wanted it. Finally one employee caved and ended up taking it home to his girlfriend.

We named her "Drain-o"