No soliciting

I don't know about you but I don't like people that I don't know to knock at my door. Honestly, they are not welcome.

Unless your selling those "worlds best chocolate bars" for your school, you will waste your time standing on the porch. 

It's funny how we act when we hear the doorbell. We turn the tv down, get real quiet and tip toe to the peephole or window blind and peer out. As this is going on, I will text my neighbor up the road to be on the look out for strangers at the door. If they hit her house first, she will warn me. It's rather comical. 

I'm seriously thinking about getting me a nice "no soliciting" sign. 

I seen this wreath that was tasteful and pretty. 

Maybe I could do a "notice" sign like this one.

However, If they catch us while we are outside in the yard, I will usually let them do their speech, then I politely let them know I'm not interested and wish them luck. After all, I realize this is their job and they get paid to annoy neighbors. They probably don't like what they do but its the only job they could come by at the time. So, if they do get lucky enough to approach me, I'm not rude.

How do you turn away those pesty salesmen or religious speaches? Do you answer the door and let them continue or do you cut them off and make them leave? 

Camper Hack

We have been using a travel trailer camper on vacations for about 15 years now. My first experience was after I married. I had no clue what to expect but now I love it. Something about having your own bed and toilet away from home.

We have owned two campers. The first one was a 27ft sportsman without a slide. The second one and the one we currently still have is a 34ft Puma with a super slide.

When I speak of a slide, its where part of the camper will slide out a few feet to make the room larger. It really makes a big difference in comfort.
With just a push of a switch, the room will slide in and out. 

Our slide switch is located inside the door right below the light switch. It is a much larger switch but can easily be confused with the light switches. I have actually hit the slide switch causing it to slide in while the camper is occupied. It will stop when released but that single oops of hitting it will cause it to move in just enough to smash a toe, break something in its path or possibly blow a fuse. 
It could also result in a safty issue if you leave a pet in the camper while your gone or a child left unattended while you turn around a second. 

After trying to figure out a solution. My husband came up with the bright idea of purchasing a receptical cover and placing it over the switch so there are no accidental hits.

Though red is the only color he could find, I will accept the tacky look for a sense of safety. 
Isn't he smart? 

I think newer campers and RVs come with a cover over the slide switch or the slide switch is located out of reach of children and pets. Speaking of "newer", We are ready to look for us a new one. We want a different set up with a front living area and give up a second bedroom since the daughter is older and travels less with us on our trips. Thought they are nice, we are also ok having one without a slide. We spend most of the time outside under the awning anyway.

Now if I can just find a hack to keep me there so I don't have to come back to work.