Crocheting Halters

It has really been beautiful here in the Carolina's the past couple weeks. The weather has been warm souring into the 80s. Me and Nick have been able to get in some nice long walks and the flip flops and tank tops have come alive in my wardrobe. 

But there has been a couple cool or rainy days where all I want to do is curl up in my recliner and crochet. I found a new pattern for a granny square so I made a couple signature halter tops. 


First let me show you this little baby shower gift I made for a church friend. I crocheted a little bonnet and booties that can be used to bring baby home from the hospital, pictures or church. 


These little crochet items are often never used and just put away as a heirloom. Regardless of what she decides to do with this set, I had fun creating it. 

Now about the halters. I couldn't hardly wait to show you. Though they are unique, they are not really my style, so you probably will not see me sporting one of these. I made my daughter a white one last year that is similar to these and she wears it well. I think they are rather cute and if I was in my 20's again, I'd attempt the look. 


I can't make two the same as I just add the colors as I go. I will start each square with a color and just add fill in colors as I go.

I call it the boho or hippie look. I'm sure there is someone out there that would love to have one of these. It seems to be the new (but old) trend this summer. "Whats old is new again" they say. 


I can see these halters being worn with cut off jeans and sandals. They are cool and perfect for the beach.
I had fun making these and plan to do some more on my spare time. 

I have also been having fun creating dish cloths and baby rompers. Im telling ya, my creation ideas are all over the place. I may crochet a trivet on day and a pair booties the next. I never know what direction the hook is going to go. I like trying to make new things and have come a long way on learning to crochet. I surprise myself sometimes.

Halters above can be found in my online store Here

A Trip to Charlotte

You will not hear much about trips to Charlotte from me. I do not mind going to visit my daughter, but Nick is uncomfortable with me driving there alone yet he hates driving in Charlotte unless he really has to. Most of the time, our daughter will just come home to visit. She doesn't mind the drive. She likes the quietness and "her room" here at home. 
The last time she was here, she noticed birds singing, crickets chirping and squirrels running around. She said "Mom, I don't get to see any of that where I live".  Funny how we do not notice things around us until they are gone. 

Saturday after we had our breakfast and coffee we jumped in the car and drove to Charlotte to visit her. We delivered a bistro table we had that was worn and never used. Ash and her roomate wanted it for their covered patio.


We thought it might look a little wierd but ya know young people now days. 
We got the table set in place and she asked her dad to hang a piece of art on the patio next to the table. Task complete.
Not sure about those pillows but, whatever.


It was lunch time, the weather was beautiful, breezy and warm. She wanted to treat us to lunch and mentioned a nice place about a mile down the road that served healthy vegan foods. Ok, first, none of us are vegan but have been eating more healthy. Unless its a salad, I want to see meat or cheese on my plate. We agreed to lunch.

Fortunatly, her apartments is right next to the light rail trail. Its a walking trial that run along side of the light rail train that runs from one end of town to the other. Being only a mile to the eating spot, we wanted to walk there. 


Its was a great little one mile walk as we explored things around the city. She would name stores, resteraunts, art galleries and more as we walked. 

The restaurant we was an old mill turned into a unique place to eat with indoor and outdoor seating. The name was Lunas Kitchen. The menu offered healthy salads, desserts and of course smoothies. 

I ordered something called falafel  


Falafel is made with chickpeas and other healthys things with a side of creamy stuff. No dairy involved. The white creamy stuff was made with some kind of almond milk. Sorry, I'm not health food educated. 

Ashley ordered bbq sliders.


I kept eyeing her plate trying to figure out how they got veggies to look like bbq. She said "mom, the meat is actually mushrooms!" Nick got a kale salad. After one bite of my turd balls, I traded Nick for the salad. We were all happy. 

It was a fun day.