Just a Simple Blogger

Im Just a simple blogger.

Not a very creative writer (though I wish I were).

Someone asked me once if you can make money blogging. hmmm, I guess the good ones can.
I do it for free. Yep, its all a gift to everyone. ha.
I do not use advertising on my blog. I guess that's where you make money huh? But no, One thing I hate the most is when I visit some ones blog because the title interest me and I have to wait 3 minutes for the whole page to pull up (ok that might just be my cheap computer) then once I get interested in reading their post, a pop up ad will flash up. grrrr hate that! I wouldn't want anyone to suffer that when they visit my blog. You can just hop in and start reading. Nice huh?
However, I will share links for free for some. You will see them on either side of my page. No ad, just links. Sort of like free advertising, right?

I don't have a fancy set up with a purchased domain (how do you do that?).
I do not keep a blog journal, my gears do not work that way. I've tried it. When I write, its usually right off my mind. Want to hear about the dream I just had? Just kidding. There have been actual moments I've pulled out my phone and started writing about something going on at the moment. Yes, I've even wrote a whole blog post from my smart phone. I have scheduled a few post because I have more than one thing to share and want to add a little space between them, but again, not planned. My post are fresh off the mind.

Sometimes I will adjust my blog and try to fancy it up just a little bit, for example: I just redone my "recipes" in the recipe tab. Go check it out. I've learned about a site called Inlinkz that helped me build the html code thing to make it all look neat and spiffy. It was easy.

I have been asked to be a guest blogger before but I turned down the opportunity because frankly, I didn't know how that worked and didn't want to sound like a dumb dumb and ask how. Same with having a guest blogger to my blog. I have no problem sharing. It is what it is.

Why do you blog one asked? Well, I want to keep my mind and imagination going. I eventually want to be able to write some interesting things, and be creative. I do not have a lot of traffic to my blog but that's ok I do it mainly for myself. Just puts my mind away from other media and fast pace living we have today.

I want to share things I do with my family (which I've learned that my Mom is the only family that reads my blog).  I also find it relaxing to sit and tell a story or share a recipe or craft.
I hate to read but Im gradually learning to like a book here and there and will usually read one a year. (Stop laughing). I was a failure in English class all my years of school. I hated it. I hated to read but loved to write. Weird huh? I know, It doesn't make much since.

So with all that being said. Don't make fun of my grammar or writing skills.  Im just an ordinary general educated girl. A simple blogger that wants to share her stories and is very thankful for my readers, comments and most of all  "spell check".

New Year Twenty Sixteen

Happy New Year everyone.

I'm up early this morning having my breakfast and enjoying a cup of Joe before I begin preparing for my annual family New Years Dinner. 

On New Years Eve, Nick and I choose to avoid going out into the mob of booze infused people and loud noises. You can tell I'm getting old huh? We opt for a nice Sushi dinner and enjoyed bringing in the new year cuddled up on the couch.

Then we anxiously await that new years text from our daughter. It just gives us a little piece of mind that's she's okay out there living it up with her friends.

As I sit here, I can smell the aroma of the pork shoulders that have been slow cooking all night, thanks to my darling husband. He has already cooked ten pounds of collard greens.

He cooked those yesterday because we find that they taste better reheated the next day. He cooks them outside. If you have ever cooked collard greens, you'd know why.

I used to do them this way. But thank the Lord they come ready to cook now.

Now I need to start peeling ten pounds of taters, prepare the crock pot macaroni n cheese, cook the black eye peas and bake three fruit cobblers. 

Last year was a pretty good year. I lost 47 lbs. and only suffered one agonizing back pain that lasted a couple weeks and a small three day cold. Nick and I do good avoiding getting sick.

Here are my top ten goals for the new year.
  1.  Continue good health
  2.  Maintain my weight loss
  3.  Participate in a small marathon.
  4.  Clean closets out (again).
  5.  Blog more 
  6.  Stay off Facebook
  7.  Redo my Kitchen 
  8.  Worry less and pray more
  9.  Get to work on time
  10.  Renew my Phlebotomy certificate
  11.  And better myself all together.
Now I'm off to the kitchen to get this feast ready by noon. I will be missing my daughter this year as she will be traveling to the beach for a friends wedding party. This will be our first new years day without her here. I pray for her safe travels. I'll worry about her until she gets back home. Oh darn, I just messed up #8. Can I have do over?

What are some of your goals for the new year?