Christmas Card Time

Tis the season I take time out of my busy schedule to sit a write out my Christmas cards. 

This somehow became my job. Every year I question if I should send them out or not. I mean, do people really care? Do they just toss them in the trash or do they display them? I used to mail out about fifty but my list has dwindled down to about thirty. 

See my rule is, if I dont get a card in return after two years I mark those people off the list unless its imediate family, they will get one as long as Im welling. Then of course there are former work employees and church members that are no longer in the picture. There is also the ones that have passed away. Some of those are the ones I enjoyed writing too the most. 

My husband and I enjoy getting cards in the mail and pick on each other on who gets to open the next one. I display them all on a hallway door and occasionally stop and read them over and over. We judge which one is the prettiest and which one is the ugliest etc. sometimes it makes us talk about the sender and how grateful we are for friends. So, yes we enjoy every one of them.

Its nice to get a real letter instead of emails or text which is what everything seems to be going to. It lets you know that someone took some time to think about you.

Do you send Christmas cards? How do you display the ones you receive?

Little Vintage Tree

I can hardly wait til Thanksgiving night to put up the tree. My husband will climb to the attic and take down the boxes of decorations which seems a box is added every year.

This year I decided not to put up our big tree and just use a small tree on a table. Unfortunately, we never have visitors and I live on a dead end road where only about 6 neighbors will ever see my tree in the window. My daughter has her own place and therefore, its just me and Nick left to enjoy the lights. This does sadden me. I miss Christmas with a child in the house. A lot of joy leaves when they leave.

We first purchased a small white 4 ft. tree to use. We got it at a 2nd hand store for nearly nothing. As I sat sorta saddened about such a small tree, I was determined to make it look 6 ft. tall from the window. That's when my husband said "Well, I do have an old  6.5 ft. aluminum tree in the attic Dad gave us a few years ago. I can bring it out and we can take a look at it". Woohooo! I was so excited. I can make it work! Whites and silvers were the look I was going for this year anyway. Each branch was delicately wrapped to keep it in mint condition as we carefully put the tree together. It took us like 3 minutes. ha.

Anyone older than 50 may have just had one of these in there home at one time or another. This was the tree used when my husband was a child. I'm sure it brought back some memories. My grandmother used one but I'm to young to remember [smile].

You cannot put lights on these trees for they are made of aluminum which is a fire hazard to electricity and the branches are as fragile as aluminum foil so you have to add light weight ornaments to them. That's why they had "color wheels" to use to illuminate the trees.

Unfortunately, we didn't have that part, but no worries. Nick found a light that changes colors and applied it above the tree to give it the same effect as the color wheel would do. I added a few plastic dollar store balls. Its now PERFECT as the tree changes colors for a fantastic light show of sevral color changes. I tried to add a video of the effects but I just couldn't get it to work for me.

In case your wondering what I did with the little white tree, It sits on the nightstand of my daughters bedroom. This will eventually be our Christmas tree when we move to a little house on the beach one day. [smile].

"No matter how small a Christmas tree is, 
they are all 8 feet tall in the eyes of a child"