Recipes Oldies But Goodies

My Daughter called up the other night wanting to know if I had a recipe for macaroni and cheese. I usually make mine in a crock pot (recipe here) but she wanted the one that bakes in the oven. This made my Husband and I run to the recipe box. The recipe box full of oldie but goodie recipes. These recipes were given down from as far as Grandmothers.

A few years ago I inherited some of my mother-in-laws recipes. She was a wonderful cook and a lot of her recipes were handed down from her older family and friends. Some of the recipes require items that you cant even find anymore. I have noticed that in a lot of old recipes, the amounts differ from today. I am sure she had a lot of recipes in her head that she didn't have to write down. That's how my Mom does a lot of her cooking as well.

We spent about an hour looking through them and laughing and remembering how our Moms would make things we liked or didn't like.

By the way, we found my Daughter a simple macaroni and cheese recipe. It was in one of the good ole old church recipe books made up of several recipes from ladies of the church.

While thumbing through some of those recipes, my husband pulled out an old recipe. One that was small and easy but yet made me think of how simple life was when we were small. How our Mothers would always have a remedy to make us feel better.

She didn't have to run out to the store, she could just make it herself.  Where do you find Paragoric? And did I just see 2 oz. of Whisky?  Every 30 minutes?
I think I feel a cough coming on.

Vintage Suitecase Ideas

I have been on this craze lately with vintage suitcases. I have a couple stacked up beside the bed in my daughters room as a night stand. I love how it gives the room a shabby chic or rustic look. I want to multi use them for something else but not sure yet what for. I think I will use one to house old photos or stationary as they sit pretty.

Looking around online, I found many ways to use old suitcases and it blew my mind. I'm on to something now. I want to keep collecting.

Now, sit back and enjoy some of these ideas I found online.


1. Used as a night stand can give you more storage than just a drawer. You have little treasure chests to hide your keepsakes and other items you don't use regularly.

2. Pet bed? Why not. Little fido needs some cute stuff to go along with your shabby style. I've see all kinds of these suitcase dog beds. They are so darn cute. Its like their own little bedroom with places to hide their toys and snacks.

3. In case you need an extra chair.

4. I like this one. Not sure where one would use this wine cabinet or where it would even look good hanging except in maybe a little retro camper or other small space. "Wait, there is an extra space on my office wall". hmm.

5. Add some chalk paint and make a sign. You can change it as the day goes by. Sounds fun.

6. Christmas is just around the corner. Not my corner but everyone else's corner. I'm not finished with vacation yet, but afterwards, I can just throw some presents or Christmas decorations in an old suitcase and be done.

7. I've seen this done at weddings. A keepsake box that your guest can throw in a card....or money.

8. This is too cute! Add a few legs and you have a table.

9. Again, not sure where this would look good hanging but I assume it would be darling in a tiny bathroom, small retro camper or small river shack or beach house.

10. You can lay a baby down for a nap and make a photo prop. Probably is the most use these suitcases get now days.

11. Not sure I could put dirt in one of these but this super cute! Its a little herb garden.

12. This has got to be the cutest thing ever! A doll house! Be sure to visit the link to this one for more ideas. You can make a desk, craft or sewing boxes, and more.

I bet you all want to go out and buy you some of these suitcase now, dont ya? Well, I found mine for nearly nothing at thrift shops. They can be found at yard sales too. Like they say "one persons junk is another persons treasure".