Nutrisystem- Slowing Down

Just finished my 16th week on Nutrisystem. I feel great! Its been a fun journey and I've lost several pounds and inches now.

The weight is now coming off slowly. Its only about a pound a week. I guess that is better than a pound gained but I wish to loose more. I'm just 15lbs away from reaching my goal. Hopefully the pounds will start dropping faster soon. They suggest I make sure to get all my foods in for the day. Other than NS foods, I'm suppose to have recommended snacks in between. I'm suppose to eat something every 3 hours, 6 times a day and 4 servings of veggies. Seems like a lot of food huh? Well not really because the snacks are things like a tablespoon of almonds, a slice of bread, cheese, or yogurt, etc. Small healthy things.

Nutrisystem- Ravioli
I'm still loving the foods and its gotten a lot easier to say no to other foods I shouldn't be eating.
I went on a beach trip the other weekend and was able to turn down the good smelling foods that were tempted everywhere we went. I did however, eat a dozen oysters one night and Mexican food the next . I also snacked on pop corn, carrots and almonds while laying on the beach all day. I over ate on those snacks but Its was all good. It didn't cause me to gain any weight. I didn't loose any either but no gain was a blessing.

Despite all the rain we have had these past couple weeks I have been able to get in my walks. One day we walked in the rain. Its was rather nice.



Here I am after that long wet walk, showing off my Dancing With The Stars, "Raise The Barre" tank that Nutrisystem sent me. What a surprise it was for me.

Its been a slow journey lately with my weight loss but I have thought about it and I plan to keep going on this diet. Its so easy to follow. With the discounts I have been collecting, It's gotten to a reasonable cost for me. I still have a few more pounds to shed to be ready for my August Vacation. I hope the pounds start dropping more and more.

Beginning weight- 168 lbs.
Weight after 16 weeks- 142 lbs.
That's 26 lbs. lost!

Frozen Yogurt Sandwich

Do you like Ice cream sandwiches but your diet says no?
Well then how about a yogurt sandwich instead?

Since being on Nutrisystem I have learned to make healthier choices in what I eat.

These little frozen goodies are healthy, delicious and less than 100 calories each. They are easy to make and fit right into your diet without any guilt. If your not on a diet, then you can just eat all you want and not regret it.

Frozen Yogurt Sandwich

8- Low fat graham cracker sheets (note: each cracker sheet has 4 triangles).
1- Low fat, 80 calorie yogurt (flavor of your choice).
1/3 cup- Sugar free cool whip ( taste better than fat free and you will never know its sugar free)

Mix the yogurt and cool whip together.
Lay 4 crackers sheets in a single layer in a shallow dish.
Pour mixture over crackers.
Top with 4 cracker sheets..
Freeze for at least 4 hours
Cut into squares (each cracker makes 2 squares when cut in half)

Only 92 Calories per square.

Go ahead and experiment with different flavors. I think lemon would be good.
You can add nuts or spinach. Yes spinach. Just like you would a smoothie. It may turn a pretty green but you will not taste it in there. Really.

PS: After freezing overnight, they got really hard so you may want to cut and separate after about 4 hours. Wrap each individual sandwich in foil and place back into the freezer to enjoy anytime.

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