Nutrisystem - More Veggies

Well, I just finished up week twelve on my Nutrisystem diet.

Week eleven was slow. I didn't loose any pounds. I heard there would be weeks like this. My body was hitting a Plateau, I think. So the next week I stepped it up a bit. More food that is.

I have been reading on the Nutrisystem website and found out that I'm not actually doing everything I should be doing. I figured the meals they sent me would be enough and maybe a veggie with it and some snacks between. Well, according to them, I'm not getting enough food. I suppose to have a couple power snacks and a couple smartcarb snacks between my meals. I'm also suppose to be getting at least 4 servings of veggies a day. WOW that's a lot of food if you ask me. Its becoming overwhelming. They have a list of all the foods they recommend me eat between my meals. I may not get all that in each day but I am working on getting at least 4 veggies mixed in somehow.

 Nutrisystem- Tortilla soup over lettuce =taco salad

I bought this really cute crock pot food warmer. I love it.

I can put my Nutrisystem microwavable lunches in there, plug it in when I get to work in the mornings and by lunch time, I have a warm prepared meal ready to eat. I can stuff veggies in with it if I'd like and they will soften up just in time. This little warmer does not cook so I can't add raw meats to it but it works fine for everything else.
Nutrisystem- Black Beans and Rice

 It works better than the microwave and I don't have to worry about it boiling over anymore. Plus, anything slow cooked is just better.

Nutrisystem- Three Cheese Chicken with 1/2 cup raw baby spinach

On week twelve, I ate more veggies. I bought some V8 vegetable juice to help me out. I do not like it that well but its a quick solution. I also did my best to get in at least 64 ounces of water a day. Guess what...
I'm loosing again. I lost 2lbs this past week and another inch off my waist. I still have 15 more pounds to go to reach my goal. Wish me luck....

Spring Nesting

Spring is finally in the air. Looking around you can see the flowers and trees blooming. Before long, everything will produce pollen and the town will turn greenish/yellow.

I love to watch the birds play in my yard. During the winter months I keep them fed with bread, seed or suet. Never fails though, the squirrels will ruin it. They eat the bird feeders and somehow figured out how to get into the suet cage. I almost give up, then spring arrives. I will no longer put food in the feeders because I know the birds will get enough bugs, worms and berries. As for the squirrels, they probably have a little hiding place full of the bird feed I put out all Winter.

I will sit back now and watch as the birds work franticlly to find just the right twig to build a nest by full spring. I'm going to help them with that this year.

I took the suet feeder and filled it with some scrap yarn pieces I have been saving up just for this purpose. Each bird will take her share of colorful string and use it in her nest construction. I was worried about doing this at first, thinking it may cause them to get tangled. Lets hope not. I would feel so bad.

I think its rather pretty hanging there in the tree. I cant wait to see how it works out. I can picture this fall after the leaves have fallen from the trees, I will see little colorful nest embedded between the branches as the renters leave and await for the next spring.

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