Crochet Car Coasters

Have you ever placed a fast food drink in your car cup holder and find yourself fighting against the puddles of sweat it creates? Here is a little idea I came up with....Ok, well, I'm sure someone else beat me to it somewhere, but I still came up with it at the moment. Its these adorable coasters that will fit in the bottom of the holders. They are made of 100% cotton to absorb the moisture.

If you have a newer car, they have these awesome illuminating interior lights that you can change to different colors. When one of these crocheted coasters are placed in the holders, the lights make them glow. Looks like the coasters themselves light up. pretty neat huh?

Not only will they absorb moisture, but will also absorb any dust and dirt that decides to accumulate in there. No matter how clean we keep our cars, the cup holders (especially the ones with the rubbery liner) are dirt collectors. You can even take them out of the cup holder and use them to wipe pretty much anything you need to wipe such as the speedometer window, radio screen, your sunglasses, kids, and more.

When these little coaster get dirty, you can just throw them in the washing machine. Being 100 percent cotton, they may shrink just a little, so just reshape them and lay flat to dry.

I will share the pattern with you. They are quite simple to make if you know how to crochet a circle. If you can't crochet and would like some of these, you can find them in my Etsy shop ready to go. I have different colors available. My favorite is the blue.

Crochet Car Coasters
finished size is approx 3 inches, this is a standard car cup holder size.

G Hook
  • Magic Circle- ch 1
  • 10 sc in circle, sl to first sc to join circle, ch 1 (10).
  • 2sc in each sc, sl to first sc, ch 1 (20).
  • 2sc in same stitch, *1sc in next, 2sc in next* (*cont), sl in first sc, ch 2 (30).
  • 1dc in each sc around, sl to first sc, (30) finish off.

I made my husband some gray ones for his truck. They were not made of cotton but he just wanted them for the dirt and dust protection. I found that for his truck, one of his cup holders is bigger than that of my daughters Ford Focus (where the pictures were taken), and his other cup holder was smaller. So if you make any of these, you can just adjust the stitches by one or two at the beginning and it should be fine.

Now go make you some or visit my shop and purchase some already made. Your welcome to use my pattern and idea as you wish but I'd love for you to link back to me if you do.

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Twenty Years Together

Twenty Years- That's how long I have been married to a wonderful man, my best friend.

He takes care of me and our daughter. We know we are loved and cherished. He can also cook and has our dinner ready and waiting every day when I get home from work. He makes sure we have everything we need and want. Yes, I'm spoiled.

We took a three day trip to the beach to celebrate. It was nice to get to spend some alone time together away from all the bustle of our home town. We got away from all the family matters, work tasks, and politics. We spent numerous hours walking around and down the beach, dreaming of where we would like to see ourselves one day.

The weather was nice. We watched all week as they called for major storms across the state but they managed to pass us by. The first day was rather cloudy and in the 60's. It was a nice day for a walk. We ended up walking at least nine miles. On our walk we saw some sea urchins crawling around in the tide pools along the beach and found two sand dollars and other pretty shells.

We also saw a star fish in which I didn't get a picture because I didn't have my camera with me at that time. Don't you hate when that happens? Someone told us that star fish are deadly if they bite you. ?? Is this true?

The second day was even better, It was mostly sunny and we were able to catch some rays before the clouds rolled in again early in the afternoon. It was clearing up later as the sun was setting. The beauty of the sunset was awesome! God is my favorite artist.

The last full day was all sun and in the high 70's. Perfect. I did walk into the ocean but it was freezing cold. We soaked up the vitamin D that day. The pool was empty while everyone was on the sand.

The only complaint I have about the whole trip, is how the camper behind us set his little dogs pin right under our bedroom window, so at 6:00 every morning was "yap yap yap" by two little Chihuahuas. So we were up early and not sleeping in on this trip! Not to mention, we have to hear this every day from our neighbors dog next door.

 You can see in this picture of our camper, bottom right .....Dog pin. grrrr.

Now its back to the grind of my everyday life, counting the days until our next beach trip.