DIY Heat Buddies

I've been home all weekend with a daughter that's recovering from a tonsillectomy. Let me just say, She's 22 and the older you are, the worst these things can be.

Its day 5 and the pain continues to get stronger every day. She has tried to eat the best she can. Everyone tells us, "ice cream, Ice, and popsicles!" Well with this girl, that's not the solution. She has discovered warm feels better than cold. However, we are trying to make sure she gets cold stuff on that throat so she does not suffer bleeding during the healing process. That's our biggest fear and concern right now.

Her ears are giving her a lot of pain and again, ice is not working. So I thought fast and went to my all time favorite solution for discomfort pain...."heat buddies".

They are really simple to do and work perfect in a rush. If you have a sewing machine, you can make all kinds of cute shapes but I have yet to learn how to thread my machine so sewing aint gonna happen any time soon. {I need my Mom for that}. So, I ran to the single convention that my socks were having in the laundry area and grabbed a couple lonely footies. I filled them with rice and tied a knot in the end. I put them in the microwave for one minute and they were ready to use.

She held them against her ears and fell asleep. The rice produces a nice moist heat that is very comforting. These nifty little things will stay warm for about an hour. They are also great in the winter, to throw in your pockets to keep your hands warm when you are going to be outside for a period of time.

They can be reheated several times until the rice just gives up.

Warning: These may be too hot at first. Please let them cool for a couple minutes if you are sensitive to heat. Heat factor depends on the thickness of the sock as well as the microwave wattage.

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Rapunzel Project

"Rapunzel Rapunzel, Let down your hair"

That quote is all I know from the fairy tail. To be honest, I haven't even see the movie "Tangled".

The other day, one of my customers from my Etsy shop sent me a request. She asked if I could make a hat for a friend of hers whose daughter was a patient at St. Judes Hospital. She said the little girl was starting to loose her hair and wanted to give her something special. She showed me a photo example of the hat that was in her mind. I had to do some searching around. I needed to see some pictures of Rapunzel. At first I was hesitant because I wasn't sure I could do the whole hair braid thing. It wasn't but within a couple hours, I decided I could do this and I was going to make one for this precious child. Somehow I would figure it out.

I began crocheting a hat. That was the easiest part for me. My daughter likes to craft so I asked her if she would make some felt flowers for the hat. Neither one of us knew how this would turn out. I just crocheted and she cut.
Then with a little glue and ribbon, we pulled it off. I think it turned out lovely.

I ended up giving her the hat. I really hope it fits her. I can only imagine what it would be like to have a sick child. I do not know who this person is but I wish her and her family the best and sending out prayers for them all. And to my customer who requested this gift, you are a very thoughtful and generous person. People like you are few.

I do not plan to make another hat but I have made a couple Rapunzel headbands by request.

Want one? Right now, you can purchase a Rapunzel head band from my Etsy shop.


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