DIY Mummies!

I normally do not decorate for Halloween but instead, I decorate for Autumn. I love the look of colorful leaves and pumpkins. I'm not big into the scary scene. I find it tacky. But I have a little spooky feel in my bones this year and wanted to decorate just a little bit for Halloween.

See these little guys? They are my sailors. They adorn my mantle in the summer along with other nautical items.

As if they do not already look spooky enough , you are going to see how I turned them into even more spooky looking creatures.


I found an old yellowed stained piece of cloth (I have no idea why I was keeping it) that was perfect for my plan. I ripped it into shreds and wrapped the sailors. Now they are dead and well preserved until after October.

Pretty cool huh? I also had some fake spiders and web to help decorate. I may have to take it down because I hate spiders and frankly this stuff is freaking me out. eeesh.

Lights out!

What if you do not have a figurines to mummify? Wrap a candle and glue googly eyes on it. Your mummy will light up and it will look awesome!

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Twenty Two

Twenty Two-That's the number of years ago I gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl. A baby girl the doctors said id never be able to have (Prayers work).

Twenty Two years ago, I was twenty two. So my baby girl is now half my age. (You do the math).
Its hard to believe. It seems just like yesterday. I have had so much fun raising her. She's always been a good child and still is.

I started the day off by making her the traditional Birthday "A" shaped Initial pancakes. I missed doing this the past 4 years she was in college. Well, I actually think the first year of college I mailed them to her. ha ha.

I get just as excited on her birthday as she does. I love getting her little gifts , going out with family and friends to celebrate and birthday cake. and , well, Its a celebration to me too. I'm so happy she's mine. I don't want her to grow up. I want her to stay young forever.

When she gets off work she will dig into her gifts and tonight we will meet with family and have dinner to celebrate.

Wow, Twenty Two. Can we just take the twenty part off?

Happy Birthday Ashley!!!!