DIY New Year Wreath

My door is bare now that I have taken down all my Christmas decorations, so I wanted to make something to hang on my door to replace the Christmas wreath and its not time to hang up Valentines Day decor yet, so I decided to make me a new years wreath using Christmas tinsel and party favors. I usually buy party favors and set them out on new years day for the kids that come over for dinner but that sure can turn in to an annoying sound of clacker and horns, so I'm using them for decoration this time instead.

I started with a foam wreath from the craft store and wrapped and glued until it look right. Then I took two plastic champagne glasses to give it that toasty look.

I got it all from the dollar store but if I would have taken the time to look through my closets, I probably could have found last years left overs. So you could probably make one of these for nearly nothing.

I found the idea from searching new year wreaths on Pinterest. There are so many unique and talented people out there. It just amazes me.

Ive shared this on make-it-yourself-monday at anoriginalbelle

Year End and New Year Planning

Whoosh! I'm behind on my blogging. There is alot I could have blogged about the past few days but I have been busy rushing here and there and everywhere.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I did. I managed to get my shopping done a week early, everything I baked came out delicious, and I racked up on some clothes, a pair Toms, and new pocketbook from St.Nick!

I think I ended up making three batches of Almond Christmas Cookies for family, friends and us, and my daughter made a batch as well. The ones I made for our enjoyment didn't stay in bowl but two days. They are just that good. You can find the recipe in my recipe tab. Along with some of my other holiday favorites.

Now the year has come to an end. I have taken down all my Christmas decorations and getting everything ready for my New Years dinner I do every year with my family. We do not really do anything special on new years eve. We will go out to dinner and then stay in and watch the ball drop on tv while we prepare for next days company. My daughter goes out with her friends to celebrate and we choose to stay grounded, so that we can always be on call in case she needs us. I guess as parents, no matter how old your kids get, you always worry about them. I hoped this would subside as she got older but it only brings on new worries. But of course, that could just be me. The ole worry wart.

I may make me a new years themed wreath for my front door or I may decorate my mantle or paint a new year painting. My mind is full of ideas. Just wondering if Ill have the time.

What is your New Years Plans?