Do People Really Pray?

[This is not directed to any single person and is completely my own opinions]

As I scroll through face book, I see many friends in need of prayer. Many reasons are for sickness, death, family problems, new job expectance, etc. Then comes the comments. “I will pray for you” say some. “I will keep you in my prayers” says another. I cant help to wonder sometimes, “Do people really pray? Do they think its suffice to just say they will? Every one wants people to pray for them, but do the people that ask for prayer really even pray themselves? I could be wrong in even questioning this but my mind wonders.


Prayer is valuable, prayer is powerful. It should not be taken for granted or underestimated. Prayer is real.

If people say they will pray for someone, they need to stop what they're doing and say a quick prayer. Make themselves a personal prayer list or add a friend on someone else's prayer list. God hears every prayer and there is no prayer that goes unanswered. I believe God answer them with either yes, no or wait.

I just hope if anyone says they will pray for me , they really do it. I need all I can get. LOL.  Oh and the “LOL”….I really did just “laugh out loud” , which brings me to another question…..hmmm?

Cinnamon Doodles

We somehow ended up with a lot of bags of flour tortillas. That's what happens when you have someone in the house addicted to cheese quesadillas. I love those things! Anyway, the other day I had a sweet tooth and wanted a quick and easy fix. So I took some of those tortillas and some sugar and cinnamon and made what my daughter calls “Cinnamon Doodles”. I couldn’t get them to make a twist,  and just a stick would be boring.


You start off by cutting your tortillas in strips. Then twist them and place them in a pan of hot oil. The oil does not have to be too deep, just let it cover the pan. They will not stay good and twisted. That's why they are called doodles instead of twist. 


Once you lightly brown them, place them in a bowl of a cinnamon sugar mixture. Toss them around a little bit and wah lah. There you have it. A sweet little snack. They are really good dipped in cool whip or honey. They are equivalent the the Mexican Sopapilla which is made the same way except you cut the tortillas into triangles insted of doodles and drizzled with honey, chocolate syrup, powder sugar, etc.


Try it. Its delicious.
Does anyone else have sweet ideas to make with flour tortillas?

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