A Visit to the Farmers Market

You always know its summer time here in the South when the farmers market opens.


I am ready for some fresh vegetables to throw on the grill, make some casseroles, or throw in a salad. So, this morning my daughter and I stopped in our local farmers market before heading to our workout. We thought we would never get in this place because the line of cars going in was crazy. But we managed to get a good parking place and get in and out in a jiffy.
As we began to walk in the first thing I saw was one of  my dance classmates selling her hens eggs. But that was only the beginning. While walking  through the metal building filled with vendors selling their products of labor, we saw a variety of many delicious  vegetables, homemade sweets, honey, flowers, birdhouses, fruit and more. 


 I was actually on a mission to find some nice tomatoes and squash.



There were no tomatoes that caught my eye but I did buy some squash and peaches.


The peaches were so good. They were soft and just sweet enough. I would love to have spent more time looking around and plan to go again soon. Until then, I have a squash casserole to make.

Windows Live

Oh my gosh! Call me dumb and slap me silly but I have just been introduced to Windows live writer. I know, I know, most of you are probably laughing because I have just realized what I can do as a blogger.
I noticed at how nice one of my friends blog looks and just had to send her a message to ask her how she got her pictures to look so good. So she told me about a great option she uses. Its called windows live writer. I also learned that I can blog anytime!  I was so excited to know that I did not have to actually be online to post. I can just type away my day as I'm on the road, or anywhere I don't have internet access then I can just publish it to my blog when I do have online access.
I just down loaded it to see how it works and this is my practice post so I can see if I am technically capable of doing this.
I was getting anxious waiting on it to download so I could get started. So I tested out a picture while I was at it. Its not a good picture because I took a screen shot from my phone. I know I only post when I'm away from the office chair (work) but I just couldn’t wait till after work because I will be heading straight to zumba class afterwards and I had to sneak and try this now. Oh, and something else really cool. I just added the word “Zumba” to spell check dictionary. Now I don't have to worry about always ignoring the fact that I know how to spell ZUMBA.