Ga$ Price$

Lets face it. Gas prices are going up. They have been going up dollars and down cents for years. I don't like it and you don't like it, but seriously, do people really think they can do anything about it?

I seen where there is a "Gas Out" campaign on face book. Its asking drivers to boycott at the pumps by not purchaseing gas on April 15th to cause a decrease in profit.
Come people! This is just silly. Think about it, doing without gas for 24 hours is no real sacrifice. If people do not buy gas on one day, then everyone will flock the pumps the day before or the day after. So, what is the benefit here? You are not cutting a demand, you are just shifting it around some.

If people really want to cut back on what it cost them to fill up at the pumps, then just stop driving 50 miles out of town to go eat or shop! Shop at your local stores and malls and eat at the restaurants that are conveniently located in your own town. If you live in a safe place, and you have to go somewhere within a mile, walk or ride a bicycle.

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I actually consider myself pretty lucky considering I live in North Carolina where gas is 3.89 a gallon and just down the road in South Carolina, gas is only 3.69 a gallon. In some states such as Illinois, gas is 4.50 a gallon.

If you cant afford gas, then blame it on the average pay. I do not complain much about gas prices but that pay rates are not increasing to fit the demand. If people would spend more in the cities they live in, then companies could afford to pay the employees more therefore allowing them keep up with the increase of not only gas but other things.

I will be filling up my vehicle when it goes low no matter what day that ends up to be.

What are the average gas prices where you live?

Yarn Egg

With Easter approaching, I have been having experimenting with making different types of Easter decorations with things I already have around the house. The other day I made an egg out of yarn.

I used a paste made out of flour and water.
1 large balloon
and yarn.
I dipped yard strands into the paste, wrapped it around and around the balloon and let it set over night to harden.

This is the first time I've tried doing this. I seriously didn't think the idea would work but it did and it sat on my mantel for a week before I decided what to do with it.
I cut out an opening, I thought was too big, so it sat a few more day until I found some old ribbon and began experimenting until I come up with some idea that would hide the choppy look around the cutout.

Then finally I  put some things in it. I was going to fill it with all chocolate because the only ribbon I could find around the house was brown and it reminded me of chocolate. I threw a few foil eggs in to complete the look.

Oh and did I mention, I saw God today?

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