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Protein Waffles

This post is for my Nutrisystem friends, Those on Nutrisystem, Those wanting to be on Nutrisystem, or those that want to steal a Nutrisystem shake from someone. 🙋.

I have been on Nutrisystem now over two years. I love it that much. Its changed my life for the good. 
I have reached my desired weight and now use Nutrisystem to maintain my weight while I add in some of my own meals. (AKA flex meals). The flex meal is a meal you do on your own while maintaining healthy portions and guidelines of the diet plan.

I have some of the Nutrisystem Protein Turbo shakes tucked away in my pantry. I will enjoy one every now and again between meals. I never really enjoy them as a meal. Something about drinking a meal I just cant do.
But that's fixing to change because I have figured out a new way to devour them.

So, Grab your waffle iron. I'm fixing to show you how to turn a shake into waffles! 

You need only five simple ingredients:


Ready? It's super simple and delicious.

Protein Waffles 
1 pack (or 3 scoops)- Nutrisystem Shake (I used Chocolate).
1/2 Cup Almond Milk.
1/2 Cup unsweetened Apple Sauce.
1/2 Cup (8 tablespoons) Liquid Egg Whites.
1/2 teaspoon baking soda

Mix all together and pour into a heated waffle iron. Don't forget to spray it with cooking spray.
Cook for 3 or 4 minutes depending on the quality of iron. 


There you have it. (OK, mine are pretty ugly but you get the idea)

They are great the next day, reheated in the toaster oven. 
I top mine with spray butter (zero calories) and Sugar Free Syrup.

Waffles not your thing? Pour them into a heated skillet or pan and make ya some pancakes!

This recipe makes 6 waffles (2 servings). 
Each serving counts as 1 meal + 1pf + 1 sc (I think).

Serving size  = 3 waffles
138 calories
15 grams protein

These little things kept me feeling satisfied till lunch time.

NOTE: This recipe is for those that have been on the plan a few weeks. It is not recommend for those currently starting out on the Turbo week. 
Continue following the plan as recommended.


My Nutrisystem journey can be found HERE